April 2010 Update for Office Live Meeting client and Outlook Add-In

The April update for the Office Live Meeting client and Outlook Add-In is now available for download.

Client updates include:

  • Users will no longer view a white window at the top of the screen when sharing an application in the Office Live Meeting client localized in Finnish.
  • Improved exception handling to address an issue in which some uploaded Word documents resulted in the client closing for all meeting participants.
  • When a user (User 1) with administrator privileges on his machine allows another meeting participant (User 2) to have control of application sharing, User 2 is able to respond to user access control prompts when launching applications that require elevated privileges to run.
    • NOTE: The client must be installed under Program Files using LMSetup.exe, and User 1 must have the appropriate rights (such as administrator) required to run the application.  If the client is installed in user mode using LMConsole.msi or User 1 does not have the appropriate rights to the machine, User 2 will not be able to respond to the user access control prompt based on Windows Vista or Windows 7 security design.
  • Select localization enhancements.

Outlook Add-in updates include:

  • When you remove an attendee from an Office Live Meeting invitation and send an update only to that individual, the meeting scheduled on the Office Live Meeting service will continue to exist on the conference centre.
  • After converting a recurring meeting series to use Office Live Meeting, the Organizer will be able to view updated tracking information based on the invitees' accept/tentative/decline responses to the updated invitation.
  • The text under Meeting Options > Expiration will be updated to reflect Content Expiration, instead of Meeting Expiration.

Improved background remote procedures calls will reduce delays when opening meetings.

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  1. Gabor says:

    well, this is a "really old" article, and the app is also already "obsolete". However the reference link does not work any more…

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