Effectively Deploy Live Meeting with the Live Meeting Online Adoption Resource

Are you a new customer looking to rollout Live Meeting?

Are you an existing Live Meeting customer who is looking to maximize your ROI?

If you answered yes to either question, the Live Meeting Online Adoption Resource can help.

A comprehensive on-boarding strategy is a critical piece to the overall success of both your initial rollout as well as ongoing adoption of your Live Meeting service. Designed to facilitate this strategy, the Live Meeting Online Adoption Resource targets the five key rollout areas, including

· Configuring your Live Meeting Conference CentreOLM Adoption Guide Screen Grab

· Completing the technical deployment

· Defining your end-user support strategy

· Designing an end-user training plan

· Driving awareness of Live Meeting across your organization

Following a proven methodology, The Live Meeting Online Adoption Resource provides IT Pros/Live Meeting Administrators step-by-step instructions on how to rollout the Live Meeting service optimally. In addition, this tool includes tips and best practices, checklists, links to whitepapers, training, user guides and templates, and much more - everything needed to rollout your Live Meeting service as well as help maximize your ROI.

Access the Live Meeting Online Adoption Resource here and get started with Live Meeting today.

Comments (2)

  1. punithgn says:

    Hi I need to integrate Live meeting into my web application. How can i do it. Can you please guide me on this and send to my email ID pnagesh@bandyworks.com

  2. goodsha says:

    live meetings are in every bodies lips. it's at this this we celebrate all the people working hard n researching. we don't have to wake up early to go for meetings we can have live meetings in the comfort of our homes. am used to Gminutes meeting minutes software but i'll definitely  try the Meeting Online Adoption Resource. nice post

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