Using Live Meeting with Lotus Notes

There are many ways to manage your meetings in Live Meeting with the popular choices being the Outlook Add-In or the online Meeting Manager.

What many people forget or just didn’t know is that Microsoft provide an IBM Lotus Notes Add-In for Live Meeting 2007.  You can manage your meetings right inside Lotus Notes, no need to leave the application to do the following:

  • Schedule and enter meetings directly from Lotus Notes. Meetings are simultaneously scheduled in both Lotus Notes and the Live Meeting service.
  • Specify all meeting options and set up default preferences from Lotus Notes.
  • Display the Organize Meetings page directly from Lotus Notes.

The Add-In has been updated recently (5th May 2009) and for those of you who Download the Lotus Notes Add-In for Live Meeting 2007know your version numbers, we are now at 8.400.213.2 for this release!

Recent updates include

  • Support for Lotus Notes 8.0.2
  • Content localised for French and German
  • Installation Updates

Click here or on the image to download the Live Meeting 2007 Add-In for Lotus Notes.

Comments (3)

  1. Kevin_R says:

    Microsoft discontinued availability of the Lotus Notes Add-In back in July 2010.  As way of an alternative you might want to consider looking at the Lotus Notes Connector, which is available under the Microsoft Public Licence as open source. You will be able to download the Lotus Notes Connector at  Support for the Lotus Connector should be directed to the developer, Gary Devendorf.

  2. Anonymous says:


    does this work for OCS 2k7 R2? Because the download site only names OCS 2k7 as "it is working for". This is very important for me because we will have to take a decision based on that.



  3. says:

    Hi Kevin,

    The download link seems has been removed? Is there a latest version to be released?



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