Have a lot of SCOM subscriptions?

You logged into SCOM because someone said they didn’t get a notification Looked at subscriptions and it’s blank   Do you know if you backed up your subscriptions?   Hopefully, you read this and back up your management packs Hope you read this blog, and it saved your life!   For those who love the…


Setting up OMS Capacity and Performance

Do you know what your HyperV hosts are doing? Not a HyperV fan, there’s a VMWare solution also here   Documentation https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/log-analytics/log-analytics-capacity Capacity dashboard Details   Troubleshooting dashboard Firewall https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/log-analytics/log-analytics-proxy-firewall Windows Agents https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/log-analytics/log-analytics-windows-agents   Verify in Operations Manager if you have any error events Event ID 4506 in this case is the Capacity and Performance…


SQL Engineering Blog

Ever wonder when a SQL MP is published? Wonder no longer, look for the SQL Engineering Blog!   New https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/SQL-Server/bg-p/SQLServer/label-name/SQLReleases Old – redirect in effect https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/sqlreleaseservices/    


Setting up OMS Service Map solution

Ever wonder what happened to BlueStripe? Anyone else have experience using it with SCOM? If you weren’t aware, Microsoft bought Blue Stripe back in 2015 link   Looks like BlueStripe FactFinder is now Service Map in Azure Documentation here   Service Map is very easy to add and get value from right away with OMS…


Building a subscription

  Let’s talk notifications for a minute. Everyone complains that a tool is noisy for alerts (typically emails). Why not find a way to limit what you receive, and eliminate the noise. Sure there’s alert tuning, but there are a ton of built-in options with Subscriptions in SCOM.   Let’s Start by talking about now…


Basic Admin ‘How-to’ Series

This is a series of blog posts to help with SCOM best practices, and things that make SCOM easier to administer.   Associate MPX files in Notepad++ blog Backup management packs via PowerShell blog Get to know your monitor blog Load Test MP with Report blog Load Test MP Fragments blog Maintenance Mode PowerShell blog…


Verifying Custom MP overrides are valid when updating sealed MP’s

I will raise my hand when asked if I prefer Notepad++ for looking at XML (because I can shrink the sections I’m not concerned about).   Using Notepad++ (works best for color and concatenation of XML or quotes in case of syntax errors when editing)   Open Overrides management pack (XML) Click on the (-) for…


Troubleshoot Office 365 SCOM MP Run As account

Run As Account The Office 365 Run As account is used for Proxy access for an HTTPS connection from SCOM MS to Office 365 portal endpoint. Must be a domain account, not an Azure account (particularly if they ‘re not the same tenant or AAD associated Service Accounts are recommended to prevent impact should an…


Create a new subscription in SCOM to use the auto credentials option

NOTE New subscription may take 5-10 minutes to populate health data From SCOM console Click on Administration Click on the Office 365 wizard Click Add Subscription   Add Subscription Name Click Next SCOM UI will prompt for Azure login Enter ID and password Click Sign in to authenticate   Click on Monitoring Tab Click on…


Verify SCOM ID used in O365 Subscription in Azure Portal

Verify SCOM ID used in O365 Subscription in Azure Portal In Azure Portal Verify the Application exists ( Azure tenant shows as SCOM O365MP ) NOTE In the right hand pane the Office 365 Management API’s has Application Permissions, and cannot be selected Click Back to the Settings window Click on Owners NOTE NO owners show in this…