Office 365 subscription not monitored in SCOM

Yes this can leave you stumped, and wondering “why?”   This can be many parts, so choose carefully Verify SCOM ID used in O365 Subscription in Azure Portal Create a new subscription in SCOM to use the auto credentials option Troubleshoot Office 365 SCOM MP Run As account Verify O365 Subscription state in SCOM Console…


Uncommon Custom MP Fragments

Building on Kevin Holman’s MP Fragment Library are additional Uncommon Custom MP Fragments   This is the SCOM Management Pack Fragment Library which includes VSAE Fragments you can use to make SCOM management packs quickly and easily. V1.0 has two Event Monitors with two state, two or three criteria monitors   Assumptions Visual Studio, and the…


How to size your SCOM environment

Additional items to consider sizing a SCOM environment # of Unix Servers Network monitoring Application Performance Monitoring (APM) URL monitoring (transactional and availability) DB Data retention requirements   Resources The SCOM Sizing calculator XLS on TechNet to determine capacity and storage needs (2012 and 2016)   2016 Quick Start guide How To upgrade…


Why not to use Local System for your core SCOM accounts

Stay with me here, this is for the SCOM management group installation   So first, let’s research and figure out what the experts are doing, and what the install guides exist. Researching expert published documentation helps us understand the options, and we can dive into some of the reasons why.   SCOM Security (KH blog )     SQLRights…


Associating MPX files to Notepad++ for MP Fragment Authoring

Sometimes it’s shocking when you make a simple change that helps you do something easier. For the UNIX guys in the house, using VIM,GVIM, VIMRC, all helped back in the day to make sure you closed your loops, true tests, etc. If you use Notepad++ like I do, let alone if you’re creating MP fragments,…


Channel9 MSDN site

Need an Easy button to keep your knowledge fresh? The answer is the Channel 9 website Subscribe to shows that interest you @   Corey’s channel caught my interest for Azure Network watcher Network Watcher in Azure Good to know IaaS features are included that most organizations      


SCOM Management Pack backup

Ever wish you had a backup of your MP?   It’s quite   Tailor to your requirements, but you can run this as a scheduled task, Orchestrator job, etc. I would recommend running the script on a server with the Operations Manager shell (or at least add the Operations Manager snapIn to a non SCOM server)…


New Unix MP’s for 2016 and 2012R2

    If you didn’t catch this (I didn’t), the 2016 Universal Linux Monitoring MP is missing, but is in the 2012R2 bundle Until the bundle is fixed, don’t forget to grab the Universal Linux Monitoring MP from the 2012R2 bundle Export the 2012R2 bundle, grab the MP Import MP into SCOM   If that’s just a…


Temp DB recommendations for SCOM 201x

When someone asks you about TempDB sizing, does your jaw hit the floor? Time to pull out my handy detective skills   Context & Best Practices  SQL Server uses the tempdb database to store temporary objects. This can include temporary tables, stored procedures, work tables, and row versions. In short, most changes to user databases…


Console Errors in the new Active Directory Directory Services MP

New MP released that resolves this – v10.0.2.0 download here   Console Errors in the new Active Directory Directory Services MP   At least it’s not the Security patch issue when you click on Health/State views, right? SCOM Console crashes after October Windows cumulative updates – Resolved   In the SCOM Console Do you get…