Install SCVMM management packs from VMM Server

Time for some automation


Ever have to upgrade SCVMM packs every time a new Update Release (UR) comes out?


Copy the files off from the VMM server to your SCOM MS, install.

How long does that take?



Try this script out - assuming you have a login on the VMM Server


TechNet Gallery post here


# Set up some variables


$VMMServer = "16VMM01"

# Set up your path, this example is monadmin\backup

$date = Get-Date -UFormat "%Y-%m-%d"


# Set up backup path

$backupPath = "C:\monadmin\backup"

$backupDrive = "C:"

# Create some functions

Watch them roll, let PowerShell do your work!


UR6 packs

SCOM management packs backed up


Check out the SCOM Console Admin tab for updates!

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