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From a discussion with some PFE's - the question was 'how do I create knowledge for a monitor/rule?'

Tyson Paul pointed out the system Center Wiki  'Knowledge Article authoring'  


When you create a knowledge article in an MP (let's not even go into the console GUI! )

If the Knowledge Article references a sealed workflow (does it reference a sealed pack)

It's Company Knowledge






If the Knowledge Article references a sealed monitor, it will show up under the 'Company Knowledge' tab

XML example from Skype Addendum pack on TechNet Gallery

<KnowledgeArticle ElementID="ML2MC!Microsoft.LS.2015.Monitoring.Internal.Health.DiscoveryRunner" Visible="true">
<maml:section xmlns:maml="http://schemas.microsoft.com/maml/2004/10">
<maml:para>Any added Skype servers will not be discovered in SCOM.</maml:para>
<maml:section xmlns:maml="http://schemas.microsoft.com/maml/2004/10">
<maml:para>Discovery Failed.  An internal exception has occurred during discovery.</maml:para>
<maml:section xmlns:maml="http://schemas.microsoft.com/maml/2004/10">
<maml:para>Fix permission issues in alert.</maml:para>
<maml:para>Skype PowerShell module may not be installed.</maml:para>
<maml:para>Import-Module SkypeForBusiness</maml:para>





If the Knowledge Article is referenced in a sealed pack, OR an UNsealed pack has a rule/monitor in the same unsealed pack)

It's Product Knowledge


Sealed pack example


Unsealed pack Example

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  1. John_Curtiss says:

    so to add company knowledge to a monitor in a sealed management pack, I need to make an unsealed management pack containing a knowledgearticle section that references the monitor from the sealed management pack.


    1. kjustin1996 says:

      Sorry John,
      I didn’t get notified of this comment.
      Adding Knowledge Article to an unsealed pack will display under Company Knowledge Tab.
      If you seal your own packs, you can add Knowledge Articles will display under Product Knowledge Tab.

      If you add a Knowledge Article for a sealed monitor/rule, the information will be displayed under Company Knowledge Tab

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