MMA Agent and SCOM Agent version numbers

This idea sprung from a discussion with Sr. PFE Brian Barrington, and it got me wondering...


FYI - If you're running a SCOM agent, 2016 or above, various Log Analytics solutions may have pre-reqs.


OMS Gateway requires Microsoft Monitoring Agent (agent version - 8.0.10900.0 or later)

Simple English, that means SCOM2016 RTM agent or above



As of 6 Sep 18, MMA agent = 8.0.11103.0

As of 17 Oct 18, MMA agent = 8.0.11136.0



SCOM Agent Version numbers

SCOM2016 RTM 8.0.10918.0
SCOM2016 UR1 8.0.10931.0
SCOM2016 UR2 8.0.10949.0
SCOM2016 UR3 8.0.10970.0
SCOM2016 UR4 8.0.10977.0
SCOM2016 UR5 8.0.10990.0
SCOM1801 8.0.13053.0
SCOM1807 8.0.13067.0


  • @Larry LeBlanc - thank you for the SCOM Agent version updates!


Verify what version is installed

Via SCOM - use Holman's Agent Version Addendum management pack


If you don't have SCOM

From PowerShell

$Agent = get-itemproperty -path "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Operations Manager\3.0\Setup"









SCOM Agent Version Addendum pack

SCOM Agent build numbers


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  1. Hi Justin,
    Where do you get the info on the mma versions? There’s nothing posted in the update catalog since last year. So wondering how you keep the agents updated?


    1. kjustin1996 says:

      To clarify, are you using the MMA version for Log Analytics only, or a SCOM connected management group?

      I did a blog post about mma versions here

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