SCOM 1801 New Features (previously 1711 Technical Preview)


What does the new SCOM bring?!


HTML5 Web Dashboards! here

What's New

The SCOM Team published a 5 set blog post on Web Console


The new SCOM version also gives visibility into

Management Packs Updates and Recommendations

Operations Manager Products (view SCOM topology)

Partner Solutions


For now I'll focus on the last two


Operations Manager Products

Click on Administration Tab

Expand Operations Manager Products

Topology features are pretty neat.

Whether you're new to SCOM, or have interesting Server naming conventions, or someone built the environment and changed jobs or left the company...

At least you can easily find out how the SCOM environment is setup


Partner Solutions


Silect MP Author, Comtrade, Nutanix, Veeam, Infront, ClearPointe, Backbone

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  1. Technically it wouldn’t be supported but is there any other reason we couldn’t use the 1801 web console on a remote server to view SCOM 2016 data?

    1. kjustin1996 says:

      Would be interesting if possible, but the 1801 Web console on 2016RTM will fail.

      Error = Unable to connect to the Data Access service for this management server. Ensure the Data Access service is running and that the service, the management group, and setup are all the same version.

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