How to be heard (provide feedback on Microsoft products)

Ever feel like everyone's not listening?

Do you want to be heard?

Are you willing to share ideas and feedback about OMS and the various products?
Good, Microsoft development has that covered.


I recommend this to ALL of my customers
Please sign-in, vote on ideas and feedback.

Please put your comment, suggestion, feature out to the community!


Example - Custom Security events filtering is your number one priority

Vote for this request

ADFS auditing



Additional information
UserVoice websites (please verify the links )

OMS Log Analytics

SCOM UserVoice

Comments (2)

  1. A good feedback for a product is like to produce a new product better than the older one as a good suggestion from a person who have a good idea or experience about the microsoft product if it is softs or hard pruduct , this can made a new good production with a best quality and more quantity to the market of the microsoft products some time you can get a concrete feedback, it gives you a new economy you get more customers for a new product with a good feddback from right person.a right person can give you a right product feedback for microsoft product you can be heard a microsoft product everywhere.a feedback for the microsoft product can give as a microsoft product with a higher grade and a good point for the reader and a producer for the microsoft product .

    1. kjustin1996 says:

      Yes, the correct point of UserVoice is to make a better product with everyone’s suggestions and feedback

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