SCOM 1711 – Technical Preview for upcoming 1801

If you’re not aware, System Center will start doing 6 month releases, and will be YYDD named   Example  SCOM released in Jan 2018 is 1801, then 180x, 190x, etc. Technical previews will also exist prior (currently 1711 – the technical preview for 1801).   Register for Technical Preview Evaluate and download Save appropriate…


Logical Disks Dynamic Group

So what do you do when a team comes to you and asks for different values for logical disk alerts?   Work smarter vs. harder!   Harder Use Explicit groups As an Admin, someone should not have to update groups every time a server or app changes in the environment.   Smarter Use Dynamic groups One…


OMS/Advisor Event ID 55002

  This article is written for the Gateway CommunicationSecurityException event At first I thought maybe this was TLS1.2 enabling, but backed off the change, the events kept pouring in every 5 minutes. Tried to reconfigure the OMS/Advisor environment, and voila! Error resolved   Let’s go through the steps to re-configure the Operations Management Suite (OMS)…


VSAE support for 2017

VSAE support for VS2017 has been released! VSAE download MomTeam Blog


Ruling out SCOM as the cause of SCHANNEL events

  Ruling out SCOM notifications as the cause of SCHANNEL events     Still getting SCHANNEL error events and want to rule out SCOM Management pack SQL events SCHANNEL ciphers debugged   What command Channels are setup for notifications?     Validate Subscriptions aren’t the cause for email/text Exchange 2013 and above typically use…


SCHANNEL event logging

First, my thanks to Bhuvnesh Kumar for his help!   Time to figure out what’s going on behind the curtain!     Are you seeing System Event Log, Event ID 36871 events?   Why does this matter?   Depending on OS versions and patches, the TLS Cipher Suites may not match on the various SCOM…


SQL native client for TLS1.2

Ever try to talk to someone when language is a barrier?   Sure, we can run an app, or search our phrase to pronounce, but it’s so much better when we can communicate seamlessly.   Post TLS1.2 for SCOM Let’s talk SQL Part of TLS1.2 is updating SQL Native Client to talk using a secure…


Getting started with OMS Update Compliance

Do you already have Upgrade Readiness or Device Health deployed in OMS? If not, read this blog   Need to know more about Windows 10 patch compliance and don’t want to access Config Man (SCCM)?     Update Compliance is the answer!   It’s just as simple as adding the OMS Update Compliance Solution Click…


Set up SCOM 2016 for TLS1.2

Security bugging you about SCOM using TLS1.0 ?   Have questions on the TLS1.2 Protocol Support Deployment guide link? If using ACS, please review ACS steps to configure from the guide above   It’s time to update SCOM 2016 to TLS1.2!   Pre-requisites .Net and SQL native client, ODBC must be updated to TLS1.2 compliant version HTTPS Endpoints…


Get started with OMS Device Health

Anyone need telemetry data for win10 computers?   Want the info with better reports and less overhead? This easily replaces SCOM Agentless Exception Monitoring   OMS is technically free, why not get insights into client side problems?     Overview Validate Telemetry Setting Get CommercialID from OMS Configure Deployment Script Run Deployment Script Verify OMS…