Tuning tip: Do you have monitors constantly “flip flopping” ?

  This is something I see in almost all clients when we perform a SCOM RAAS (Health Check).  The customer will have lots of data being inserted into the OpsDB from agents, about monitors that are constantly changing state.  This can have a very negative effect on overall performance of the database – because it…


Writing reports against RAW Perf data in the Data Warehouse

By default – our generic reports access *aggregated* data in the warehouse… either daily or hourly.  These contain information like number of data points, avg, min, max, and std. deviation data.  However, sometimes users will want access to the RAW, individual data points. This is kept in the warehouse – and you can see it…


Outages and Maintenance Report

This is a little report I put together on request. This report will query the data warehouse, and show all the outages, and maintenance, for objects in specific groups. The outages look at all the “Failed to Connect to Computer” alerts, and list the start and end time of the outage, based on the time…


Which servers are DOWN in my company, and which just have a heartbeat failure, RIGHT NOW?

          In OpsMgr 2007, when a agent experiences a heartbeat failure, several things happen.  There are diagnostics, and possibly recoveries that are run.  Alerts, and possibly notifications go out. But what happens if my Operations team misses on of these alerts?  What can I do to "spot check" agents with issues?…


MOM 2005 SP1 – upgrading SQL server from 2000 to 2005

  Upgrading from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005 to support MOM 2005 SP1: 1. Backup your MOM SQL server databases (OnePoint and Systemcenterreporting). Backup your Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services databases. 2. Backup the SRS encryption key. 3. Stop the MOM Service on all management servers. 4. Upgrade the database servers and reporting servers to…


Useful MOM 2005 SQL queries

SCDW/DTS:   Primary 6 tables that SCDW data is retained in: SC_AlertFact_Table SC_AlertHistoryFact_Table SC_AlertToEventFact_Table SC_EventFact_Table SC_EventParameterFact_Table SC_SampledNumericDataFact_Table Commands to execute to modify the data retention age:  Please run these commands changing the values from 385 to the number to the number of days of data to be retained: Exec p_updategroomdays ‘SC_AlertFact_Table’, 385 Exec p_updategroomdays ‘SC_AlertHistoryFact_Table’,…


Useful Operations Manager 2007 SQL queries

This post has been archived.  Please see the new posting for SQL queries for SCOM at: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/kevinholman/2016/11/11/scom-sql-queries/