New MP Authoring tool released – “MP Author”

  A new MP authoring tool was announced today.  Read the release at This is a FREE tool which Silect is releasing.  This tool essentially replaces the functionality of the previous “Visio Management Pack Designer”  This is targeted at the IT Pro, who needs to create custom management packs and author new classes, discoveries,…


How to set Agent proxy enabled for all agents

Some customers have decided it is too much trouble to mess with setting Agent Proxy enabled on agents on an as-needed basis.  In some cases, they have too many agents being added on a daily basis, and the amount of work to keep up with this setting is cumbersome.  We previously discussed some tools to…


System Center Central – some really cool OpsMgr Health reports available

System Center Central has published some really good reports – which will help you keep up with the health of your environment.   Many of these are based on queries published on my blog and other blogs in the community, but they have wrapped a lot of the most common queries into a set…


All OpsMgr Events in a spreadsheet by ID

Daniele Muscetta (Microsoft PFE) has published a VERY handy spreadsheet, which contains all the OpsMgr events and their descriptions.  This is a super handy reference when looking up events, especially when someone is verbally calling them out, or you dont have the OpsMgr DLL’s to read the log.  


Management group checkup – a database perspective

Attached you will find a PowerPoint slide deck that I used to present to the System Center Virtual Users Group meeting on June 11th. This discussion was looking at your management group overall health from a database perspective.  There are many facets to the health of SCOM, this is just one perspective.  I discussed SQL…


Updated Scheduled Maintenance Mode scripts for R2

Tim McFadden of Microsoft PFE has updated the scripts for his “SCOM Remote Maintenance Mode Scheduler 2.0” tool.  They now work with R2 and wont put the HealthService or HealthService Watcher into maintenance mode, as this is automatic in R2 and not necessary. Get the original tool:  SCOM Remote Maintenance Mode Scheduler 2.0 Get the…


Fixing troubled agents

Sometimes agents either will not “talk” to the management server upon initial installation, and sometimes an agent can get unhealthy long after working fine.  Agent health is an ongoing task of any OpsMgr Admin’s life. This post in NOT an “end to end” manual of all the factors that influence agent health…. but that is…


Alert Notification Subscription Variables, and linking that to the console, database, and SDK

Attached you will find a spreadsheet, with all the possible alert notification subscription variables that I am aware of.  In this spreadsheet, I link these to the same values in the Alert table of the DB, the alert view of the DB, the Console alert view, the SDK (Get-Alert), and lastly the new R2 Connector…


New web based forums for OpsMgr – no more NNTP newsgroups

  Getting help from the community for OpsMgr just got easier. We released the new interface to OpsMgr forums – on the web.  No more NNTP newsgroups to parse, with a hard to use web interface.     Check it out!


What’s the diff? Or – how to see exactly what is new with an updated MP

Back in MOM 2005…. we had some really cool reskit tools to look at differences in Management Packs.  In the MOM 2005 reskit, there was a tool called MP2XML.exe which would take an AKM MP, and convert it to XML.  Then, you could run another reskit tool, MPDiff.exe, which could graphically show you all the…


How many consoles are connected to my RMS?

This discussion comes up quite a bit. There are a couple ways to track this data….  even to alert us if it breaches a threshold.   One way to look at the number of connected consoles, is to examine the number of users that are connected to the SDK service.  We can do this via…


Does your OpsDB keep growing? Is your localizedtext table using all the space?

This post is about an issue in OpsMgr SP1 AND R2 – where the localizedtext table in the database may fill and consume large amounts of space. OpsMgr 2007 no longer has a hard database limit of 30GB like MOM 2005 did.  For this reason, most OpsMgr administrators don’t watch this very closely anymore, or…


MPViewer 1.7 released

MPViewer 1.7 – Now works with latest E12 MP Get it.


A simple command to backup all Management Packs

Launch the System Center Operations Manager \ Command Shell: ▪get-managementpack | export-managementpack -path c:\backup   Also, for some advanced automation…. check out:


System Center Operations Manager 2007 UNLEASHED

Got my copy of this book today:   Over 1200 pages!  1300 with appendices!  WOW!  Guess I know what I will be doing for the next couple weeks. Given their MOM 2005 Unleashed book was the best MOM 2005 book I read…. I have high hopes for this one.


Tired of your console throwing errors – or manually clearing your console cache?

You can tell the Ops console to clear the cache everytime you open it!  Just change your shortcut – and add the /clearcache parameter:  “C:\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager 2007\Microsoft.MOM.UI.Console.exe” /clearcache   Keep in mind – this is no longer recommended post SP1 RTM….. just when you are having a problem.  By using this setting on all…