ADMP for Windows Server 2008 – Alerts not generated for some Rules

There is a very recently discovered issue in the current ADMP (Version 6.0.7065.0).  The Event log rules in the don’t generate alerts as expected.  Jimmy Harper has created an “Addendum” MP which contains overrides to disable all of these, and then recreated each rule with a fixed version.  You’ll just need to import this…


How to monitor a process on a multi-CPU agent using ScaleBy

The business need: It is a very common request to monitor a process on a given set of servers, and collect that data for reporting, or monitor it for a given threshold. One thing you might notice when trying to monitor some performance counters, is that not all perf counters in perfmon behave the way…


What is config churn?

There have been a couple good articles briefly covering this topic…. you might have read them.  I will reference some below.  Config churn is basically, when your RMS is in an almost never-ending loop of generating config.  This can be caused by “less than optimized” management packs, pushing agents all the time, or injecting major…


AD Replication monitoring – getting lots of slow replication errors?

I recently hit this with a customer – and feel it needs a bit more exposure.   The guide that ships with the current ADMP version 6.0.6452.0 leaves out a LOT of information on how to properly set this up…. specifically – how to make any overrides to the replication values, which is extremely common….


Getting and keeping the SCOM agent on a Domain Controller – how do YOU do it?

I’d like to hear some community feedback on this….   In OpsMgr – deploying a SCOM agent to a DC often presents companies with a bit of a challenge.  The reason is – in order to install software to a DC and manage it – we need rights on the DC to accomplish this.  These…


Active Directory Integration – How it works

Steve Rachui wrote a great post on this – which goes a little deeper than some of the other documents and blogs presently out there: I want to add one comment: Q:  “How often does the agent poll active directory if it doesn’t find policy when the machine first joins the domain?” A:  The…


Creating a Group based on OU (Organizational Unit) in Active Directory

  Here is a really cool feature of Opsmgr:  the ability to create groups easily based on any discovered attribute of an object.   OU is something that is part of the Windows Computer object discovery.  If you examine a state view – you will see in the details pane discovered information… and OU is…