Using OpsMgr Notifications in the real world – Part 1

Using notifications such as email, has proven to be somewhat difficult in OpsMgr.  I get questions from each and every customer I work with on this topic…. as most people never get these to work as they want, or expect, without fully understanding the object oriented class model of OpsMgr and what that means to…


When searching for objects to include in reports – the results are limited to 500 objects

Keep this in mind when searching for an object when creating a report.  If you don’t give very specific search criteria… or if you just select "Add Object" then select "Search" with no criteria…. the result set is limited to 500 objects returned.  Therefore – if the object you are looking for doesn’t show up…


A little tidbit on Hot-fixes for OpsMgr

When you apply a hot-fix to a RMS, or Management Server, or Gateway server… a couple things will happen.  First… it will update the server itself with whatever the hot-fix is supposed to fix… registry, DLL’s, database updates, etc.  Next, if the update needs to flow down to all agents… it will place a MSP…


How do I know which hotfixes have been applied to which agents?

***UPDATE***  A new hotfix has been released, which is a simple updated management pack…. which fixes the Patchlist table to include all hotfixes, and cleans up the formatting.  I recommend you get it and install it on your SP1 environments.  ————————————————————————————-  As more hot-fixes are applied to our OpsMgr 2007 SP1 environments…. how can we…


A simple command to backup all Management Packs

Launch the System Center Operations Manager \ Command Shell: ▪get-managementpack | export-managementpack -path c:\backup   Also, for some advanced automation…. check out:


How do I know if I have the latest Management Packs installed?

This continues to be a common issue.  Many people think they have the latest MP’s but often don’t.  I will attempt to document the process to ensure you have the most recent MP and MP guides.   There are two sources for Management Packs: 1.  The original media (that you installed OpsMgr from) and SP1…


DBcreatewizard or just run good old SetupOM.exe – which should I use to install the Database component of OpsMgr?

There has always been a bit of confusion on when to run the DBCreateWizard.exe tool, or when to just use SetupOM.exe to create the Operational DB or Data Warehouse DB. Historically…. in MOM 2005, we used the DBcreate Wizard in order to create the Onepoint database on Active/Active clusters….. or when SQL DBA teams refused…


Using Event Description as criteria for a rule

When we write rules and monitors to look at events in the event log…. typically the most common criteria are Event ID and Source.  We also have a list of other common event properties to choose from: However, this list doesn’t always work.  For instance – if we add someone to a Global Group in…


Event ID 2115 A Bind Data Source in Management Group

I see this event a lot in customer environments.  I am not an expert on troubleshooting this here… but saw this post in the MS newsgroups and felt it was worth capturing…. My experience has been that it is MUCH more common to see these when there is a management pack that collects way too…


Why do my reports show no data?

Often times…. I hear about reports not showing any data.  Especially ad-hoc performance reports. When we run a report – we have to run the report against the same object type (class) that the data was collected from. The problem is – “how do you know what object type that was???”  This is a common…


OpsMgr security account rights mapping – what accounts need what privileges?

  Do you ever wish you had a list of the rights needed to install OpsMgr on each server role?  Or what each service account needs for steady state?  Or how about ongoing support… for your Admin group – to have enough rights in SQL to support OpsMgr? I have created a spreadsheet of the typical…


What SQL maintenance should I perform on my OpsMgr databases?

  This article is for SCOM 2007.  It does not apply to SCOM 2012.  See updated article for SCOM 2012.   This question comes up a lot.  The answer is really – not what maintenance you should be performing… but what maintenance you should be *excluding*…. or when.  Here is why: Most SQL DBA's will…


Active Directory Integration – How it works

Steve Rachui wrote a great post on this – which goes a little deeper than some of the other documents and blogs presently out there: I want to add one comment: Q:  “How often does the agent poll active directory if it doesn’t find policy when the machine first joins the domain?” A:  The…


Using a recovery in OpsMgr – Basic

This is a simple overview of using a recovery for a custom Monitor in OpsMgr Lets say we create a simple service monitor in OpsMgr… for this example – I will use the Print Spooler service: Create a new monitor, unit monitor, and choose windows services – Basic Service Monitor: Choose an appropriate management pack…


System Center Operations Manager 2007 UNLEASHED

Got my copy of this book today:   Over 1200 pages!  1300 with appendices!  WOW!  Guess I know what I will be doing for the next couple weeks. Given their MOM 2005 Unleashed book was the best MOM 2005 book I read…. I have high hopes for this one.


Self Tuning Thresholds – love and hate

******  The references in this post to the Exchange Management Pack have been changed… many of these issues below have been addressed in the updated MP:     Self tuning thresholds are a new concept for OpsMgr.  They are awesome – because they will “learn” what is normal for a performance counter, and alert when…


ACS Internals – Part 1

  I am going to use this post ramble about a couple of the internals of ACS. Database: The ACS DB is primarily made up of daily partition tables…. we create a new one every day during the nightly maintenance, which defaults to 1AM.  We create a new partition, then close the previous one.  Then,…


Grooming process in the Operations Database

This is a continuation of my other post, on general alert grooming: How grooming and auto-resolution work in the OpsMgr 2007 Operational database   Grooming of the OpsDB is called once per day at 12:00am…. by the rule:  “Partitioning and Grooming” You can search for this rule in the Authoring space of the console, under…


Print Server management pack fills the Operational DB with TONS of perf data

This is something I have noticed in MOM 2005, and seems to be the same in the conversion MP for OpsMgr 2007.  (Version 6.0.5000.0 of the Microsoft.Windows.Server.Printserver (Converted) MP).  When you import this MP, it will fill the Operational and reporting databases with performance data about print jobs and queues, if you have a large…


Installing the OpsMgr 2007 agent on an ISA 2004 or ISA 2006 server

When you want to manage and monitor an ISA server, you need to install the OpsMgr agent. However, there is no guide published for the OpsMgr 2007 ISA MP…..   It comes with the MOM 2005 guide.  In ISA, there was a system policy which you could enable for MOM.  This would open the necessary ports…