Adding custom information to alert description (s) and notifications

  Alert Description Variables: The following section contains variables for the Alert Description only. For event Rules (Alert Description): EventDisplayNumber (Event ID):             $Data/EventDisplayNumber$ EventDescription (Description):               $Data/EventDescription$ Publisher Name (Event Source):              $Data/PublisherName$ EventCategory:                                    $Data/EventCategory$ LoggingComputer:                                $Data/LoggingComputer$ EventLevel:                                          $Data/EventLevel$ Channel:                                              $Data/Channel$ UserName:                                           $Data/UserName$ EventNumber:                                      $Data/EventNumber$ Event Time:                                          $Data/@time$ For event Monitors (Alert Description): EventDisplayNumber (Event ID):            $Data/Context/EventDisplayNumber$…


Bulk enable of agent proxy setting

As you know…. this setting must be enabled for many agents under OpsMgr 2007. Primarily – for Active Directory, Exchange, Cluster node servers, SMS, and Sharepoint 2007 server agents. We have a ton of choices out there on how to easily enable this setting for multiple computers at once: GUI tool: Command line tool: …


Useful MOM 2005 SQL queries

SCDW/DTS:   Primary 6 tables that SCDW data is retained in: SC_AlertFact_Table SC_AlertHistoryFact_Table SC_AlertToEventFact_Table SC_EventFact_Table SC_EventParameterFact_Table SC_SampledNumericDataFact_Table Commands to execute to modify the data retention age:  Please run these commands changing the values from 385 to the number to the number of days of data to be retained: Exec p_updategroomdays ‘SC_AlertFact_Table’, 385 Exec p_updategroomdays ‘SC_AlertHistoryFact_Table’,…


Useful Operations Manager 2007 SQL queries

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