Testing to see if a port is open to a SCOM server when you don’t have Portqry or Telnet

  Something that I run across a lot in helping clients test connectivity issues in firewalled environments, is “is there a firewall blocking port 5723 traffic?” In the past we would use tools like Telnet, or Portqry to test port connectivity, but often this is not installed and not easily available.  Luckily, we always have…


Awesome new transform tool available for testing SCOM scripts from MP’s

  A new tool is available to quickly help you test scripts out of SCOM management packs.   https://www.scom2k7.com/quickly-fix-scom-scripts-from-exported-management-packs-with-transform-tool/   This will remove or “unescape” the special characters that are not allowed in XML, back to the original characters so the script can be run, quick and simple.      


Get All SCOM Rules and Monitors, with their Alert details to a CSV

  Quick Download: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Get-All-SCOM-Rules-853ecfde   This is a script that will generate a list of all Rule and Monitors in a SCOM deployment. It will also gather important information, like if the workflows generates an alert or not, and the details of the alert like default priority and severity. Rules: DisplayName (of the rule) Name…


Assigning Gateways and Agents to Management Servers using PowerShell

  Just publishing some common PowerShell agent and Gateway assignment commands I use on a frequent basis for SCOM:   A common issue I find in customer environments, is that they do not set their agents to be able to fail over to multiple Gateways, or they do not set their Gateway servers to be…