Implementing TLS 1.2 enforcement with SCOM

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  1. Gautam.75801 says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Really Appreciate you wrote this, Makes things simpler.

    Just 1 question on the script you have to enable TLS 1.2, Can we use that to update Agent as well or is it only for SCOM Core components like MS, Gateway, ACS ?

  2. frikkieg says:

    for anyone using SQL 2017 you will likely encounter an error in the automation script when the DB’s are checked
    but as per SQL 2016 it is already able to support TLS 1.2
    to rectify I updated line 365 to ‘IF ($SQLMajorVersion -ge 13)’ & line 466 to ‘IF ($SQLMajorVersion -ge 13)’

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