Using Hashtables in your SCOM scripts

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  1. Blake says:

    This is awesome Kevin thanks!

  2. This is Great, thank you!

  3. Hi, Kevin
    Sorry for asking you a question outside of this subject, but i really gave up and am sure that you can help me but don’t have any way to connect you but this.
    my request is very simple but i tried my best to do it with no luck to get.

    I have EXE tool to send SMS (Console App with no GUI) simply to send using it i’m doing the next form PowerShell : .\SMSAPI.exe 01027303062 “SMS Body”

    I created a command channel like this post told

    and added a command (SMSAPI.exe 01027303062 $Logstring)
    the script is writing the alert’s details to the log file but it didn’t send SMS

    Shall you help me on this

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