Updated SQL RunAs Addendum Configuration MPs




Just a quick note to let you know I updated these MP’s if you use them:



Updates include:

1.  Disabled the Monitor for SysAdmin check by default – you will need to enable this is you want to use it.  I have been recommending to use Low Priv since that is more secure so this monitor will be disabled by default now.

2.  Updated the Low Priv tasks for SQL 2005 – 2016.  Made the tasks more reliable.  If the task encounters an error, it will not complete all the steps for configuring low prive, so it is important to review the output when you config your SQL servers the first time.  Changes made to skip databases in read only mode in all versions, and to be more reliable for SQL 2005 and SQL 2008.

3.  Updated version to to align with current shipping SQL MP’s.

Comments (9)

  1. rob1974 says:

    As you have created quite some mp’s lately. Is it possible to create an overview of them similar to the usefull SQL queries/required patches overview?

    1. Rob,
      you can find most of Kevin’s contributions here:

      And I’ve created another script to download stuff from the gallery and optionally import into SCOM, if the file is an MP/XML:


  2. Kevin, again thanks for your work.
    Probably you could consider sealing the XML to allow us having overrides which don’t get kicked out with every new release. (yeah, could be done by our own but… you know…)
    And have you removed the recovery task for SID enablement or do I need glasses? 😎


    1. Kevin Holman says:

      Patrick –

      I didn’t want to get into dealing the MP’s because then I “own” the key…. and I am encumbered by the rules about breaking MP upgrade. I know that makes life easier for you guys if you want to only use them as sealed MP’s, but at the end of the day these are provided as “examples” and I expect customers to customize them, and potentially seal them if they so desire.

      The Recovery for the SID monitor is still there. Is it missing in your environment?

      1. Yeah… I do understand your thoughts… since working for various customers I was thinking the same and did not want to make them dependent on me.
        I found it… probably I looked into the wrong monitor. Thank you.

  3. Pavel Mazanov says:

    Good day, Kevin.

    In our company we use one low priv. domain account for all run as profiles. This scenario is suitable for us.
    This account have OS local admin rights and SQL Server SA rights.
    Some days ago we updated SQL MPs to the last version and now we are having alerts (SQL 2008/2012/2014/2016):

    “Event ID: 7105. Management Group: MONT. Script: ModuleAction Module: DatabaseReplicaAlwaysOnDiscovery.ps1 Version: : Error occurred during Always On Database Replica discovery.”

    All work fine before this update. It’s not singleton case.

    Have you any knowledge how solve this problem?

  4. Erling B K says:

    Hi Kevin – We are starting to use MSSQL 2017, and we have the MSSQL 2017+ SCOM MP, but i wonder if your RUNAS Addendum MP, will be updated to work with SQL 2017 as well ? currently i have your MP version on my SCOM Servers.

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