How does CPU monitoring work in the Windows Server 2016 management pack?

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  1. H Shakir says:

    nice information, thanks for sharing

  2. Peter says:


    Does this logic “multiplied times the number of logical CPU’s for the server” apply to the rest of the OS MP:s (2008-2012)?

    1. Kevin Holman says:

      No – it would be somewhat different, since the previous MP’s for 2008-2012 don’t discover logical CPU’s – they only discover sockets….. which makes the concept pretty worthless on those versions.

      1. Peter says:

        So if I understand this correctly. The monitor for 2016 takes the nr of Logical CPUs from the property “logicalprocessors” on the Windows Server class. Then uses that value in the Queue Lenght part of the monitor?

        And that is not the case for 2008-2012 monitor?

  3. Jaco says:

    Hi Kevin, as always thanks for the breakdown.
    I have a bit of an issue with Monitoring Failed alerts as a result of the CPUUsagePercentDataSource.ps1 script failing against the target servers with ‘Pipe is being Closed’ errors. I am not sure why this is happening and have struck a wall on this one.

    1. Kevin Holman says:

      Man, that script is buggy. There are lots of complaints right now…. I am waiting for SCOM 2012 UR13 and SCOM 2016 UR3, to see if they fix it. If it isnt 100%, I’ll provide guidance and recommendations on how to disable that. There is a rule and a monitor that runs the script.

      1. Jaco says:

        Thanks for the reply Kevin, I updated to UR3 hoping the same and found that the script is still causing failures. Seems the MPs did not change from UR2. I will be disabling the Monitors and Rules for now.

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