SCOM Agent Version Addendum Management Pack




One of the pain points in SCOM is keeping your agents up to date with your current UR level.

What makes this worse, is the view in the SCOM Console for “Agent Managed” where you could actually fix agents with a “repair” does NOT show you the UR level of the agent.

That has changed with this MP.

This management pack sample will disable the built in discovery for “Microsoft.SystemCenter.DiscoverHealthServiceProperties” which has a display name of “Discover Health Service Properties”

It will replace it with a new discovery that attempts to get the Agent Version from a file, that gets updated with every agent update.


***Note:  This discovery requires PowerShell on the agents in order to work.  If you still have old Windows Server 2003 or 2008 agents and have not installed PowerShell, it will simply not return updated version data for those.  This is not a concern for SCOM 2016, since all SCOM 2016 agents require PowerShell as a minimum requirement.  However, for SCOM 2012 R2 it is possible to have agents without PowerShell.  Those will simply retain their previous

In SCOM 2016, it will change this:




to this:



Now, you can sort by this column, and if you find agents that are not up to date, simply multi-select the agents you want to fix, and run a “Repair” against them:




If you multi-select, you just need to ensure all agents you are selecting report to the same Management Server, and have “Remotely Manageable” set to Yes.  If you want to change manually installed agents back to Remotely Manageable – see:


This works in SCOM 2012 as well, with the caveat posted above about PowerShell:





You can download this addendum MP here:

Comments (22)

  1. Michael says:

    Great Work Kevin!
    What is missing for me is an exact up-to-date SCOM Server / Agent Version Overview from MS 🙁

      1. Michael says:

        Would be great!

        1. Nick says:

          Totally agree, please do that Kevin!

  2. Thanks Kevin!
    Many customer’s pains, resolved in one shot 🙂

  3. Igor Kuznecov says:

    I wonder why M$ cant fix it for years?

  4. ForMUKESH says:

    It’s a much awaited things that we are waiting to get this. Thanks for the new MAP.

  5. Rajkumar says:

    Thank You Kevin….

  6. Jonh B says:

    Thanks for this post, after install MP i can see the version changed but for the patch list in “Agent by version” view its blank ! normal ?

  7. Gene Lindsay says:

    I just did my upgrade and the “Agent by Version” view is not updated.

    1. Kevin Holman says:

      What part? Can you be more descriptive?

  8. Kev Bowker says:

    My agents haven’t updated in the view. Is this normal?

    I’ve added the MP you specified and they are still showing 8.0.10918.0. Any ideas?


    1. Kevin Holman says:

      No – that’s not normal. Have you updated the agents? Did you manually inspect the version of the file?

      This is updated via config update. If your config service is broken – you wont get updates. Look at the event logs on the SCOM management servers.

  9. Vikas Manohara says:


    I have changed icons in the diagram view and imported the management pack however scom picks up old icons, is there any way to fix this?


  10. Mark Griffith says:

    Will this work changing the agent initially from SCOM2012 R2 7.1.10184.0 to SCOM2016 8.0.10918.0?
    This would be part of a parallel migration.

    1. Kevin Holman says:

      This simply runs a discovery on the agent, gets a version number from a specific file, then reports that back. It doesn’t care what version of SCOM you have.

  11. sam_li says:

    Hi Kevin
    we have installed this MP to SCOM 2016 UR5, most of agents have changed version to 8.0.10990.0 from 8.0.10918.0, but all cluster nodes are changed to “unknown” from 8.0.10918.0.
    we have repaired/reinstalled agent from console, no different.
    these nodes are running windows 2016 datacenter edition with/without desktop experience.
    is possible let these nodes display right version?

  12. Morning,
    This is truly wonderful, thanks as always!
    Is there a resource you can point me to that shows me the correct version(s) of the agent I should be using for monitoring Windows 10 and Server 2016 clients? My SCOM environment is still 2012R2 UR12. Working on getting it up to UR14 and then this winter moving to the 2016 version of SCOM.

      1. Morning and thank you for your response. I asked because I was seeing where people where using a newer agent for server 2016 servers (Domain Controllers, DHCP servers) vs non domain controller 2016 servers. I use the UR12 agent for all of our 2012R2, 2008R2 servers and not had any issues there.

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