Removing unwanted product connectors in SCOM 2012 R2 and SCOM 2016

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  1. Shery Cherian says:

    Thanks Kevin,
    Script works perfectly , I have removed 350 Connectors created by NetApp in my prod environment
    Save my Day & Time….

    1. Kevin Holman says:


      I actually wrote this for a customer – who had the same issue – hundreds of NetAPP connectors that they wanted to clean up – and deleting the MP’s from NetAPP won’t clean up the old unused connectors. That’s exactly why I included wildcard support – because most have a very similar name.

      1. Shery Cherian says:

        Hi Kevin,

        I have observed that Netapp connectors are rebuilding once we run the discovery, looks like Net App inbuilt the connectors in the discovery code.This is happening only on Clustered Data ONTAP not on 7-mode Data ONTAP MP.

        Do you have any updates on this issue?

        1. Kevin Holman says:

          If the SCOM connectors are coming back – that means you still have the NetAPP MP’s imported. You should NEVER delete connectors that are designed to work with management packs you still have installed. This process to delete connectors is ONLY for old, unwanted connectors where the solution using them has been removed.

          1. Shery Cherian says:

            Yes Kevin, but creating 400 plus connectors in a single MP always cause problems in Console.
            I am working with Net App community to find a fix or some kind of workaround.


  2. Tobias Hennighausen says:

    hello everyone,

    as a workaround – is it possible to deactivate the “Forward to” entry when the right click is used in the alert view? Am I guessing correct that this function slows down the console if so many connectors are existing?

    1. miau1011 says:

      Did you find a solution? We are facing the same issues.
      Kind regards,

  3. Murad says:

    Worked perfectly on SCOM 2016 with UR3 and I was able to remove 33 SCVMM product connectors left behind due to SCVMM server decommissioned without/before removing the SCVMM/SCOM integration. This was a big headache for me as there were hundreds of Application event log errors (i.e. Event ID: 25933; 25934) logged every hour/daily so thank you for writing this script.

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