Windows Server 2016 Management Packs are available


These are now available:


This is version  It covers the Windows Server 2016 MP release ONLY, and does not include other management packs for previous operating systems, which will be interesting to see how the product group combines these in future updates, since they share the same base libraries.





Check out the guide – there are MANY updates in this release from the previous technical preview MP’s, so you can tell the product team has been hard at work on these.


All the management packs are supported on System Center 2012, System Center 2012 R2 and System Center 2016 Operations Manager.
Please note that Server Nano monitoring is supported by SCOM 2016 only.




Changes in Version
•    Added two new object types (Windows Server 2016 Computer (Nano) and Windows Server 2016 Operation System (Nano)) and a new group type (Windows Server 2016 Computer Group (Nano)). This improvement will help users to differentiate the groups and object types and manage them more accurately.
•    Added a new monitor: Windows Server 2016 Storport Miniport Driver Timed Out Monitor; the monitor alerts when the Storport miniport driver times out a request.
•    Fixed bug with duplicating Nano Server Cluster Disk and Nano Server Cluster Shared Volumes health discoveries upon MP upgrade. See Troubleshooting and Known Issues section for details.
•    Fixed bug with Windows Server 2016 Operating System BPA Monitor: it did not work.
•    Fixed bug with incorrect discovery of Windows Server Operating System on Windows Server 2016 agentless cluster computers occurring upon management pack upgrade. See Troubleshooting and Known Issues section for details.
•    Fixed bug: Free Space monitors did not work on Nano Server.
•    Changed the logic of setting the override threshold values for Free Space (MB and %) monitors: a user can set the threshold values for Error state even within Warning state default thresholds. At that, the Error state will supersede the Warning state according to the set values.
•    Fixed localization issue with root report folder in the Report Library.
•    Fixed bug: Windows Server 2016 Computer discovery was causing repeated log events (EventID: 10000) due to improper discovery of non-2016 Windows Server computers.
•    Fixed bug: [Nano Server] Cluster Seed Name discovery was causing repeated log events (EventID: 10000) due to improper discovery of non-Nano objects.
•    Due to incompatibility issues in monitoring logic, several Cluster Shared Volumes MP bugs remained in version These are now fixed in the current version (see the complete list of bugs below). To provide compatibility with the previous MP versions, all monitoring logic (structure of classes’ discovery) was reverted to the one present in version
o    Fixed bug: disk free space monitoring issue on Quorum disks in failover clusters; the monitor was displayed as healthy, but actually it did not work and no performance data was collected.
o    Fixed bug: logical disk discovery did not discover logical disk on non-clustered server with Failover Cluster Feature enabled.
o    Fixed bug: Cluster Shared Volumes were being discovered twice - as a Cluster Shared Volume and as a logical disk; now they are discovered as Cluster Shared Volumes only.
o    Fixed bug (partially): mount points were being discovered twice for cluster disks mounted to a folder - as a cluster disk and as a logical disk. See Troubleshooting and Known Issues section for details.
o    Fixed bug: Cluster Shared Volume objects were being discovered incorrectly when they had more than one partition (applied to discovery and monitoring): only one partition was discovered, while the monitoring data was discovered for all partitions available. The key field is changed, and now partitions are discovered correctly; see Troubleshooting and Known Issues section for details.
o    Fixed bug: Windows Server 2008 Max Concurrent API Monitor did not work on Windows Server 2008 platform. Now, it is supported on Windows Server platforms starting from Windows Server 2008 R2.
o    Fixed bug: when network resource name was changed in Failover Cluster Management, the previously discovered virtual computer and its objects were displayed for a short time, while new virtual computer and its objects were already discovered.
o    Fixed bug: performance counters for physical CPU (sockets) were collected incorrectly (for separate cores, but not for the physical CPU as a whole).
o    Fixed bug: Windows Server 2016 Operating System BPA monitor was failing with "Command Not Found" exception. Also, see Troubleshooting and Known Issues section for details on the corresponding task.
o    Fixed bug: View Best Practices Analyzer compliance task was failing with exception: “There has been a Best Practice Analyzer error for Model Id”.
o    Fixed bug: in the Operations Console, “Volume Name” fields for logical disks, mount points, or Cluster Shared Volumes were empty in “Detail View”, while the corresponding data was entered correctly.
o    Fixed bug: Logical Disk Fragmentation Level monitor was not working; it never changed its state from “Healthy”.
o    Fixed bug: Logical Disk Defragmentation task was not working on Nano Server.
o    Fixed bug: If network resource name contained more than 15 symbols, the last symbols of the name was cut off, which was resulting in cluster disks and Cluster Shared Volume discovery issues.
o    Fixed bug: Logical Disk Free Space monitor did not change its state. Now it is fixed and considered as deprecated.
•    The Management Pack was checked for compatibility with the latest versions of Windows Server 2016 and updated to support the latest version of Nano Server.
•    Added new design for CPU monitoring: physical and logical CPUs are now monitored in different way.
•    Updated Knowledge Base articles and display strings.
•    Improved discovery of multiple (10+) physical disks.
•    Added compatibility with Nano installation.

Comments (17)

  1. Dinesh kumar says:

    Is this the official GA version.
    or is it an update to the Technical Preview.

    1. Kevin Holman says:

      It is both: it is the GA release of the Management Pack, and an update to the technical preview version.

      1. Dinesh kumar says:

        Thanks for the reply…

  2. Dinesh kumar says:

    Hi Kevin ,

    2016 servers are discovered under both 2012 and 2016 classes.
    Is this a known issue?
    Any fix?

    1. Kevin Holman says:

      That’s not typical and certainly not the case in any environment I have seen.

      This can happen if someone upgrades a monitored OS from 2012 to 2016 without first removing and deleting the agent from SCOM. The fix is to delete the agent in SCOM and let it come back in, it will only be discovered correctly as 2016 then.

      1. Dinesh kumar says:

        Hi Kevin ,

        I tried all Re-installing , cache refresh – Still the server is discovered through both 2012 and 2016 Server MP’s.

        I have another environment where i don’t have 2016 Server MP imported.
        I tried discovering a 2016 server here.(Trial version of 2016 OS)
        Server is discovered through 2012 Server MP.

        Finding it strange.

        1. Kevin Holman says:

          What version of the 2012 MP’s are you using? I am assuming you have updated them to the current ones?

          1. Dinesh kumar says:

            Thanks for the reply.
            I have Old MP versions for 2012.– 6.0.7023.0
            Will update them and check.

          2. John Austin says:

            We’re on 6.0.7230.0 as well and are experiencing the same issue (2016 servers also discovered as 2012). I don’t see anything in the newer MP guides about this issue being resolved, so I’m curious if Dinesh had better luck after updating.

            We should update this week sometime (was already in the works), and will likely open a support case if this doesn’t resolve the issue.

          3. John Austin says:

            Just to follow up, updating the older Windows OS MPs to 6.0.7323.0 (with for Windows 2016) did seem to resolve this issue. We did have to run the Remove-SCOMDisabledClassInstance command (I guess we didn’t HAVE to, but wanted to speed things along). Newly added agents are no longer double-discovered.

  3. Sami Koskivaara says:

    Is there going to be MP to collect performance metrics from cluster disks? What is now the solution to collect those cluster disk IO metrics?

  4. John Taylor says:

    Will this MP work with a SCOM 2012 Sp2 Ur5 agent ? There currently is a SCOM 2012 R2 agent version requirement .

  5. Kevin Nadeau says:

    I’m having an issue to discover Logical DIsk on WIndows 2016 Server on a SCOM 2012 R2 UR12 environment.

    There are non discovery, and I can’t find any reason for it.

    Have you seen this issue?


    1. We have an issue with discovery for clustered disks on Windows Server 2016, they are not discovered.

    2. DougGr says:

      Did you figure anything out on this? I’m seeing a similar issue with logical disk discovery. I don’t see any warnings in the OpsMgr log on the agent, but we’re not discovering logical disks.

  6. Sreejeet says:

    Hi all,

    I am also having an issue to discover Logical Disks on Windows 2016 Servers on SCOM 2012 R2 UR13 environment.
    I don’t see any event logs related to this issue, no alerts on discovery failure, queried the Win32_LogicalDisk WMI class and did not find any error.
    Is this an issue with the MP?


    1. Kevin Holman says:

      No issues here, or that I have seen.

      What’s special about these? Is this a cluster? Are the disks local or SAN? Are the y mounted disks or regular disks? Filesystem? Anything odd?

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