Installing the Exchange 2010 Correlation Engine on a Non-Management Server and without a console

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  1. Wilson Wong says:

    Great post! Question: Is this workaround a supported configuration by Microsoft? i.e. if I call Microsoft support for an issue with the Exchange2010 MP will they provide support?

    1. Kevin Holman says:

      Mainstream product support for Exchange 2010 ended January 13th, 2015. Therefore – Mainstream support for the management pack ended at the same time.

      This doesn’t mean that you cannot get support for the product, as it is in the extended support phase. It simply means that requests to change the product design and features are not available. See for more details.

      That said – during extended support you can still get assistance via Paid-support (including pay-per-incident Premier and Essential Support)…. this workaround is not “supported” any more than ANY workaround is. It simply allows the product to work. If you experience an issue, and open a support case, during the troubleshooting phase you might be asked to change the way the CE is installed, whether or not you use a workaround like this. There is almost never a “support” statement for every little possible deployment option.

      1. Wilson Wong says:

        Thx for the clarification.

        One more question: In the Exchange2010 MP, overrides need to be targeted at the server hosting the correlation engine. So in my environment that would be my MS that holds the RMS emulator role. If I were to migrate the correlation engine onto a different non-MS system, would I need to reconfigure all of my overrides to target that new server?

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