Updated SQL RunAs addendum MP’s


Just a quick notice to let everyone know I updated my SQL RunAs Addendum MP’s.

If you haven’t read about this, it is a new way to configure security for the SQL management packs which eases administrative burden with traditional RunAs accounts.  Read more about the solution here:    https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/kevinholman/2016/04/26/sql-mp-run-as-accounts-no-longer-required/


In this update:

  • Version – Update
    • Added support for SQL 2016
    • Added additional monitors to check for ability to connect to SQL and sysadmin role check
    • Removed any alerting by default to reduce noise.
    • Added new task to configure Healthservice login for LOW PRIV to SQL
    • Added folders, and state views to ease configuration and running tasks.


You can download the updated MP’s on TechNet Gallery:


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