Part 3: Use VSAE fragments to monitor a service

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  1. Steffen Frank says:

    Hi Kevin,
    many thanks for this great Post.
    I will monitor a service for example like this”IBH CommService MachineMonitor02″. The Servicename have blanks. I get an error in Visual Studio. Do you know how can i monitor a Servicename with blanks?

    regards Steffen

    1. Phil Aitman says:

      It’s fine for the Service name to have spaces eg K2 Blackpearl Server
      However. the ID’s and other parameters can’t. Remove the spaces for everything but the ServiceName Tag
      <UnitMonitor ID="MyCo.Myapp.K2 Black pearl Server.Monitor" would become
      <UnitMonitor ID="MyCo.Myapp.K2BlackpearlServer.Monitor"

      This is one instance where you need to do a bit of editing after finding and replacing.

  2. Gerald Versluis says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Lifesaving stuff, this. Absolutely brilliant. I did find a minor improvement tho: in the Generic.Monitor.Service.WithRecovery.WithAlertRules.Fragment.mpx, the end tag for the AlertOnEvent.3754.Rule.AlertMessage display string is missing.

    Regards, Gerald

  3. Gerald Versluis says:

    Hi Kevin,

    In addition to my earlier comment, fot the same MPX:
    – The alert rule IDs do not include the service name. This becomes an issue as soon as the MPX is used more than once.
    – The rules and monitor use the service name as part of the ID, but the service name can contain a dollar sign (Navision, MSSQL Server) which is not allowed in MP ID’s.
    I tried fixing this, will try and send you my version by mail.

    Regards, Gerald

  4. Excellent Article Kelvin for VSAE explanations. Good Job.

  5. Ehrnst says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I tried using Your timed ps script fragment in an already created MP. I see that the monitor is targeted at the correct class, but the Object is still “not monitored” any ideas on what i have done wrong?

  6. Amar says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for putting up this entire series! Makes it lot easier for someone without dev background to use VSAE for SCOM authoring.
    I need to create a service monitor which will skip specified number of service failures within a specified timeframe. I read about the suppression settings available and would like to use them in my custom service and script based monitors. If you could provide an mp fragment for that, it would be great!

  7. Hi Kevin,

    I am authoring a MP using the service monitor with recovery and alert fragment, but I cannot get the alert rules to fire. From the looks of it everything seems fine and the correct 3759 event is logged by recovery. Is there something I am missing?

    1. Kevin Holman says:

      Martin – I had a bug in the alert rules. Change Param 1 to Param 2.

      The param is looking for the service name and Logscriptevent puts this in param 2.

      I will be publishing updated fragments later today which will include this and some other fixes.

      1. Thank you Kevin. I was looking in to that, but assumed that we started from Param0. making param1 effectively #2 in the event log.

  8. HectorMarcia says:

    The work done with the Fragment library is simply awesome.. Thanks so much Kevin.

    I wouldn’t mind a semi-complex MP tutorial. Some relationships, a report and why not a dashboard? 🙂

  9. Hi Kevin,

    That’s awesome series, thanks a lot for the efforts, is there a way to integrate wild card service monitoring, without using the old way of using the console Service Monitoring template.

    I am looking to create a clean management pack to monitor services using wildcard because each service of the application have different instanceID attached to the service name.

    Ahmed Atef

  10. OdgeUK says:

    How do we do this for a Process monitor? At the moment, it looks like you can only build one using the GUI Template, which no doubt introduces a bunch of overhead? Can this be replicated more efficiently with a VSAE authored monitor?

    1. Kevin Holman says:

      I have a fragment in my library for process monitoring. The built in process monitoring wizard is WAY too heavy handed.

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