Part 1: Use VSAE to create a new Management Pack Project

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  1. Alex says:

    Thank you a lot Kevin for a really nice introduction! This is something I seriously lacked, a good step-by-step guidance how to start exploring VSAE features. I’ll definitely use some of the fragments, great job!

  2. Kelvin do we need to install VSAE on Management server. I have database sever on remote location. Please guide.

  3. Karl says:

    Unable to save SCOM MP VSAE Projects – “The operation could not be completed”
    I’ve loaded a fresh copy of VS2015 and set the default environment to “VB Settings”.
    Tested the install by creating a quick-n-dirty project and can save with no problem

    Now I’ve loaded Visual studio Authoring extensions and re-started VS2015
    Selected Management template – Operations manager 2007 R2 management pack
    Click on Save ALL but then a popup message appears “The operation could no be completed”.

    This is driving me mad. Tried the same on a fresh copy of VS2013 on my work machine using the steps above with the same results

    Any ideas ?

    1. Stef says:

      How do you add a report to a management pack.
      I cannot find any how to
      If someone can create some step by step instructions/video that would be awesome.

  4. Eric says:

    Nice introduction.
    A suggestion: add a “step 5b” about the deployment of the MP, i.e. to the ManagementGroup: it is possible to define the connection to your Service Manager server and push your MP directly there when you click the “Start” Button.
    AFAIK, the credentials for that push has to a domain account member of the domain group “Management group administrators” that was set during the installation of ServiceManager!

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