How to change the SCOM agent heartbeat interval in PowerShell

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  1. Tommy says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Shouldn’t ApplyChanges be part of the foreach loop in the second example?

    Anyhow, i used this ,based on your blog, to apply this for a group of servers 🙂

    $computers = Get-SCOMGroup -DisplayName “somegroupname” | Get-SCOMClassInstance

    $agents = @()
    foreach ($computer in $computers)
    $agent = get-scomagent | where {$_.DisplayName -eq $computer}
    $agents += $agent

    foreach ($agent in $agents)
    $agent.HeartbeatInterval = 120

  2. Huss_Rah says:

    Hi i have a question regarding the agent on servers. How can i tell which version number equals CU9,8,7 etc? When i run get-scomagent in the version number field i see 7.1.10184…


    1. Kevin Holman says:

      I cover this question in all my blog posts on UR’s. The agent version number is a major version number and does not reflect UR level.
      To see UR level – we have a specific view in the console for that already…. see one of my UR posts for the example.

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