Writing a custom class for your network devices

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  1. Jason says:

    Its a good base to work from to discover the device. A novice could use this as their base and then simply create basic SNMP probes etc in the SCOM GUI console and target this class, saving the probes in this same management pack. They will get alerts, health explorer status and performance etc.
    I have found its not enough if you want to do something decent.
    You need to target the base class for further discoveries like the article you referenced.
    Also, the OTB Monitor types have issues because your parent class can only ever be un-hosted off the “Node” class. The Monitor types are expecting to drill down to the root hosted class and return the OID, PortNumber, SNMPAddress, VirtualCommunitySuffix and SNMPVersion as properties in order to make the probe / walk but they can only ever get as far as your base class.
    The work around is simply add the properties above into your parent class and then in the discovery simply map these MP element properties from same properties in the Node you are discovering.
    This doesn’t solve all problems. People may still need to create their own Monitor types. MSDN provide some good examples to work off but it needs time to learn. Patience is the key.

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