How SQL database free space monitoring works in the SQL management pack

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  1. Cody says:

    I’ve seen this trigger a critical alert where a filegroup is being dropped. I’m not sure if it’s meant to auto-close but it seemed that it didn’t because the filegroup didn’t exist anymore.

  2. Martijn says:

    I keep getting alerts from this monitor where all possible ‘free space’ in db file, on disk, within reserved space are >10%. Something still is/feels wrong about this monitor.

  3. M.Mathew says:

    Had to disable these monitors, as they were generating Alerts for Db files that were set to auto grow.This was also causing lots of state changes.

  4. Very helpful!
    They changed the “DB Total Space” to an”DB Space Percentage Space”. It monitors the DB Space Change in 5 Samples x 15 minutes.
    I think a better approach.

  5. Azhar iqbal says:

    I have written a query from SCOM dbs to collect free space for All drives. I want to select only drives that has MDF or LDF files. How Can I identify those Drives into My Query.
    My query is
    select me.path as ServerName,case when c.IsVirtualMachine=1 then ‘Virtual’ Else ‘Physical’ END as ServerType,
    pd.datetime, me.DisplayName as DriveName,id.VolumeName_65571163_F69F_CFDB_49A1_2730285FD2A2 AS Label,
    [SizeInMBs_E70DED5C_3AE4_BDCD_1635_F40D15E608B7] AS TotalSize,
    [SizeInMBs_E70DED5C_3AE4_BDCD_1635_F40D15E608B7]-pd.averageValue as UsedSpace,pd.averageValue as FreeSpace,
    [SizeInMBs_E70DED5C_3AE4_BDCD_1635_F40D15E608B7]-pd.MaxValue as MaxUsed,
    [SizeInMBs_E70DED5C_3AE4_BDCD_1635_F40D15E608B7]-pd.MinValue as MinUsed,
    [SizeInMBs_E70DED5C_3AE4_BDCD_1635_F40D15E608B7]-pd.averageValue as AvgUsed ,
    pr.Countername, pr.ObjectName,id.DriveType_67A23C3E_F435_A1B1_DE3E_D8C412E6D9D5
    from perf.vPerfDaily pd
    inner join vManagedEntity me
    on me.ManagedEntityRowId=pd.ManagedEntityRowId
    inner join vPerformanceRuleInstance pri
    on pri.PerformanceRuleInstanceRowId=pd.PerformanceRuleInstanceRowId
    inner join vPerformanceRule pr on pr.RuleRowId=pri.RuleRowId
    inner join operationsmanager.dbo.MTV_Microsoft$Windows$Server$10$0$LogicalDisk id
    on id.BaseManagedEntityid=me.ManagedEntityGUID
    inner join [OperationsManager].[dbo].[MTV_Computer] C on c.DisplayName=me.Path
    where pr.ObjectName=’Logicaldisk’
    and pr.CounterName=’Free Megabytes’

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