Windows 10 Client MP’s are available




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The client OS MP’s are available when you need to monitor Windows clients in your SCOM management group.  These might be “light” monitoring of desktops and laptops in the organization, or these might be for mission critical roles such as Kiosks and ATM type machines running a Windows client OS.



The MP’s will upgrade your base client library (still has a name referencing to SCOM 2007 but these are applicable to SCOM 2012) and will import additional MP’s specific to discovering and monitoring Windows 10 clients.



If you are importing this MP for Windows 10 clients, and you also already monitor Windows 8 clients, make SURE you update your Windows 8 MP’s to the latest version 6.0.7251.0 available here:    6.0.7251.0 MP’s contain a fix to stop discovering a Win10 client as a Windows 8 client, otherwise you will get duplicate monitoring and overload your Win10 clients unnecessarily.  Make sure you upgrade the Windows 8 MP’s FIRST before installing the agents on any Windows 10 clients.  If you still have duplicate instances of Windows 8 Computer for a Windows 10 client, you need to delete the agent from Agent Managed in SCOM, then approve them again, and this will clean up the old discovered objects from the Windows 8 client MP’s.


Individual workflows are enabled on every client computer, to discover and monitor disks, memory, CPU, etc.  However, the monitors are all set to not generate alerts via overrides.  You have to put clients in a “Business Critical” group in order to see alerts for these clients.  However, the monitors will still show health state for all clients.  Just not alerts.

Same goes for performance collection rules.  There are overrides to enable these (all disabled out of the box) and collect performance data for business critical computers.

The guide also discusses the use of aggregate client monitoring.  These load special workflows that fill the data warehouse with trending reports, and run SQL queries against the warehouse on a regular basis.  Make sure you DON’T import the Aggregate MP’s if you don’t want or need this type of monitoring, as it is optional.

See the MP guide for advanced details on how to configure this MP, and other client OS management packs.

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