Writing a service recovery script – Cluster service example

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  1. Olek says:

    Thanks for a nice roundup. Is there a chance for a better out-of-box tools to get this done easily? Now we need to create custom scripts using SCOM API to make SCOM running properly and often this is not worth the hassle, especially in scenarios where
    Infrastructure team doesn’t have a 100% dedicated SCOM engineer. I fill up that job in my company for example, however this comes as tertiary role / responsibility hence no ‘professional’ monitoring cannot be done within this scope.

  2. Peter Zdovc says:

    Hi Kevin, this is super example.

    Another approach to this could be similar to how it’s done in Exchange 2013 Management Pack. Service monitoring in Exchange 2013 MP is using multiple samples approach. So, alert will only be raised if the monitor detects service down after N samples.


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