SCOM 2012 Maintenance Mode Scheduler Version 7 released


One of the big struggles in SCOM since it originally released, is scheduled, and on-demand maintenance mode.  Customers often need more enterprise options than what is provided in the console, or trying to hack together task scheduler scripts for each group and computer. 

There is a commonly used tool by Tim McFadden, available at which addresses this need.  It goes far beyond simple scheduled maintenance mode, providing features like:

  • Web based maintenance mode scheduler from any browser.
  • Simple chooser to pick a computer, group, object, and even a subscription with a start time and end time. The app calculates the minutes for them and schedules a future maintenance window.
  • A manage tab makes it easy to see and manage any upcoming maintenance windows and identify any gaps.
  • Integrated console dashboards make it feel like the scheduling maintenance mode was always there.
  • One click on demand maintenance mode from a shortcut on all servers.
  • A Windows 8 store app

The new version 7 has recently released.  Take a first look here:

New Features in Version 7

  • CSV Server Import – Now you can schedule a list of Windows or Unix computers for Maintenance Mode using a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file.
  • Intelligent Maintenance Mode – Before a computer or object is put into maintenance mode it is checked to see if it’s already in maintenance mode. If the existing maintenance window is longer then the new maintenance window, the existing window is kept.
  • Unix/Linux Support for Immediate Maintenance Mode – Unix Admins can now use the MMNow page to immediately put servers into Maintenance Mode using a web browser or wget from a shell script.
  • Management Servers in a Group are prevented from going into Maintenance Mode – If a group is scheduled for maintenance mode that contains Management Servers. The Management Servers are now skipped from going into Maintenance Mode.
  • New Jobs Report Fixed – Some users were experiencing an issue where the MMScheduler box was grayed out. This has now been resolved.
  • Improved permissions tool – It is now easier to grant new permissions as existing users and groups show up when the tool is opened.
  • Improved Logging – Events are created when a Schedule Maintenance Job is run or when a user puts a server into maintenance mode immediately using MM Now



Comments (4)

  1. HectorMarcia says:

    excellent tool.

    Thanks Kevin

  2. Michael Bens says:

    Hi Kevin, can you tell me, how to use multiple Management Servers with the Maintenance Mode Scheduler. I added a second Management Server in the admin interface and seperated them with comma but after that no more Maintenance Jobs are created by the Scheduler.
    Any hint?

    Thanks a lot,

  3. Ralph says:

    Hi Kelvin, I am getting error 503 service unavailable on the webpage via internet explorer, please help enlighten me

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