How to discover a Windows Computer as a Network Device in SCOM 2012

  I previously wrote about using the network device monitoring in SCOM here: and then setting up SNMP trap monitoring here:   One of the challenges we face in SCOM 2012, is that we cannot treat a “Windows Computer” as a network devices.  When network discovery runs, we actually filter out Windows devices…


SQL MP Released

    Get them here: Microsoft System Center Management Pack for SQL Server Microsoft System Center Management Pack for SQL Server 2014 Microsoft System Center Management Pack for SQL Server 2008 Replication Microsoft System Center Management Pack for SQL Server 2012 Replication Microsoft System Center Management Pack for SQL Server 2014 Replication There were several…


SCOM 2012 Maintenance Mode Scheduler Version 7 released

  One of the big struggles in SCOM since it originally released, is scheduled, and on-demand maintenance mode.  Customers often need more enterprise options than what is provided in the console, or trying to hack together task scheduler scripts for each group and computer.  There is a commonly used tool by Tim McFadden, available at…


Event Log rule to look for multiple reboots – a script WriteAction example

  I had a customer looking for an example of how SCOM can monitor a server for multiple reboots in a period of time. I previously wrote about the typical scenario of looking for repeated events in a defined time period here: However – this wont work across reboots.  The consolidator Condition Detection that…


SQL MP version pulled due to issue

  If you haven’t updated to this version, it has been removed due to an issue. If you have updated to this version – find the workaround at:


How to author an Alerting Event rule, correlating on a missing event

  I had a customer request recently, where they wanted to generate an alert on the existence of a “Bad” event, but ONLY if it was NOT followed by a “Healthy” event after 5 minutes. One of the scenarios for this was a Redundant Power Supply temporarily losing input power.  It was common for their…


UR7 for SCOM 2012 R2 – Step by Step

    KB Article for OpsMgr: KB Article for all System Center components: Download catalog site: IMPORTANT Be aware that the SCOM Web Console package for UR7 includes an important security update ( *** Take notice – this update is HUGE with LOTS of fixes, and also has an important security update…


What features would you like in SCOM?

  This is your chance to have an open forum to provide direct feedback on features or changes you’d like to see. The product group has opened a UserVoice for SCOM – you can submit your ideas or vote on the ones you’d like to see.  Make your voice heard!  All of the feedback you…


What SQL maintenance should I perform on my SCOM 2012 databases?

  This is an updated article specific to SCOM 2012 SQL maintenance.  I had a previous article that focused more on SCOM 2007, and some of the data structures, and therefore recommendations have changed. This question comes up a lot.  The answer is really – not what maintenance you should be performing… but what maintenance…


MPAuthor – A more advanced PowerShell Performance Collection Rule

  In a previous post – I demonstrated using MPAuthor to create a VERY simple Powershell script based perf collection rule: Now I am going to demonstrate a more advanced script with multiple propertybags, script parameters, and adding references for custom target classes. I’ll be using the base script from: First we need…


Hotfix issue – SDK service may be affected

  Just a quick note to cross post this update on a security hotfix that might cause issues for your management servers.  See the details here: The key to knowing if you are impacted – is exception events with this: System.Exception: Exception decrypting. The specified file could not be decrypted


MPAuthor – Using a PowerShell script to collect performance data in a SCOM rule – 101

  In this example – we will take the most BASIC PowerShell script possible, and show how we can us it to collect Performance data in a SCOM rule. We will use Silect’s free tool – MPAuthor. First – the script: I will simply count the number of items in the C:\Windows\Temp directory:   $TempCount…


Cleaning up old AEM data

  If you use SCOM’s Agentless Exception Monitoring, to examin application crash data and report on it…. one of the artifacts of SCOM is that this data never grooms out of the SCOM Operational Database.  One of the things you can do is to disable all of the monitors that ship with AEM that are…


Updated SQL support for Operations Manager 2012 R2

  We made some additions to supported SQL versions for System Center.   This includes adding support recently for SQL 2014, along with now officially supports SQL Server 2008R2 Service Pack 3 for OperationsManager 2012 R2.   Check out the latest table here:


Audit Collection Services Forwarder Addendum Management Pack

  I was working with a customer recently, and I realized that our MP’s to work with Audit Collection Forwarders could use a little help. The default view for the “forwarder” discovers instances where the ACS Forwarder service is set to automatic, but it does some “bad” things like targets Windows Computer class, and the…


The SCOM product group wants your feedback! Quick survey

  The SCOM product team is asking for customer feedback.  We want to know more about our customer needs, and problems, to improve the NEXT version of Operations Manager.   Please take a little time and fill this survey out. Announcement: Direct Survey Link:


UR6 for SCOM 2012 R2 – Step by Step

    KB Article for OpsMgr: KB Article for all System Center components: Download catalog site:   Key fixes:   The "Remove-DisabledClassInstance" Windows PowerShell command times out without completingThe cmdlet takes lots of time to complete in large SCOM installations and sometimes times out without completing its work. This is fixed by…


MPUpdate: New Print Server MP brings cluster support

    There is an updated MP for print services: Unfortunately – the download and guide still reference “for Operations Manager 2007R2”.  That is incorrect – this is for both SCOM 2007 R2 and all SCOM 2012 versions. Note the update in the guide: Changes in Version 6.0.7294.0 Version 6.0.7294 of the Management Pack…