Agents that never connect to management server

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  1. Taha Ansari says:

    Hi kevin, first of all thanks for writing on this issue as i was not able to get anything on this.

    We have faced this issue 3 to 4 times in our environment but most of the agents were on VM and the agents on it’s core server were working fine.

    I was not able to resolve this issue tried everything from renaming health service state folder to restarting the server,
    In the end it would resolve on it’s own after 5-6 days.

  2. Rajul says:

    Thanks Kevin for this info. Really helped us in resolving the mystery.

  3. Leaven Hoo says:

    Hi,Kevin! These dates I installed a SCOM server in a domain successfully .But When l user a domain admin user try to push agents to customers , I also get this error.:Event ID: 20071,the SCOM management keeps showing that the agents are installing until now ,and I can only click “reject” and “copy” button(But it is not “rejected”),the others buttons are grey.But when I checked the customers,I found the agents were all installed successfully.I use Chinese version,you can see my detail issue on .I try many for weeks but no use,could help me?

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