Scheduled Maintenance mode tool updated to V4


There is an updated version of the popular Scheduled Maintenance Mode tool available at:

Looks like they have added some new features:

Here are the new features in V4:

  • Multi-select Computers  This has been the most requested feature as end users often want to schedule multiple computers at a time without have to create groups.
  • Multi-select Computers in Integrated dashboard  Now you can select multiple computers in the dashboards without getting an error
  • New Search in Computers and Groups  Now instead of scrolling up in down the list you can just start to type in the name of the group or computer and results will be filtered.
  • One Click MM now accepts parameters   Some environments One Click MM was not working as the client security was high or there were DNS issues.  Now you can just add the computer as a parameter.
  • New Configuration backup tool for easier upgrades  Now you can back your configuration and upgrade to the latest version of SCOM 2012 Maintenance Mode Scheduler without having to reconfigure all of your settings.

Comments (2)

  1. C. Gruver says:

    That’s pretty neat. I wonder why MSFT isn’t buying this from Tim and adding it to the product. While it’s a nice tool, I will continue to enable MM the old fashion way.

  2. EJP says:

    Unfortunately it’s unreliable, systems do not always come out of maintenance mode as expected. Old fashioned way for me too.

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