Monitor for file size with SCOM – Using script and WMI examples

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  1. Saravana Raja says:

    I would like to monitor the file size NTuser.Dat file from all citrix Server in our Environment, The path is “C:Documents and Settingsctx_cpsvcuserNtuser.dat" How can I achieve this also this NTuser.dat file is Hidden file.

  2. Shifak says:

    Hi Kevin. What I need here in my case is to monitor for a zero size files in a directory. Is there a script you know of I could use?

  3. Dominique says:

    Hello Kevin,
    Please could you confirm it is a monitor or rule per file, there is no way to get a list of file sizes in various folders grouped in only one rule or monitor ?


  4. Dominique says:

    In this particular case to alert on the size of a file due to its excessive growth what will be the best way to do it: monitor or rule?

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