Windows 8 Client OS MP doesn’t discover Windows 8.1


This article is based on version 6.0.7024.0 of the Windows 8 Client MP available here:

Microsoft released a management pack to discover and monitor the Windows 8 client OS in SCOM.  This is useful for mission critical desktops, kiosks, ATMs, etc.

However, the management pack was not updated for Windows 8.1, and does not discover or monitor Windows 8.1


I am attaching a simple management pack which contains two new discoveries which support Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 RTM.  Additionally, I included two overrides to disable the original MP discoveries. 

The key modification is a simple expression to allow detection of Windows 8 (version 6.2) and Windows 8.1 (version 6.3) as seen in the expression below:

<Expression> <Or> <Expression> <SimpleExpression> <ValueExpression> <XPathQuery Type="String">Values/WindowsCurrentVersion</XPathQuery> </ValueExpression> <Operator>Equal</Operator> <ValueExpression> <Value Type="String">6.2</Value> </ValueExpression> </SimpleExpression> </Expression> <Expression> <SimpleExpression> <ValueExpression> <XPathQuery Type="String">Values/WindowsCurrentVersion</XPathQuery> </ValueExpression> <Operator>Equal</Operator> <ValueExpression> <Value Type="String">6.3</Value> </ValueExpression> </SimpleExpression> </Expression> </Or> </Expression>


I am attaching the MP below.

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