OpsMgr 2012 Scheduled Maintenance Mode tool release


Check it out:


This is a very polished new tool, that enabled you to create schedules for agents and groups to go into maintenance mode.

It is essentially a web service, with a VERY simple UI, to allow users to create schedules for maintenance mode, or for on-demand maintenance mode.  It even includes a nice tool/icon to place on all your servers desktops, to allow server admins to immediately place a server into maintenance mode from the server itself (which communicates with the central web service).

On top of that, it includes a Windows 8 app as well as a front end to the web service.

Very, very nice!

Comments (9)

  1. Ed (DareDevil57) says:

    Thank you

  2. Jim C. Julson says:

    @makram – EXACTLY! Totally lame that MS won’t put this CRITICAL functionality that ALL other Monitoring platforms have as a standard, and given feature.

  3. Kevin Holman says:


    No. Not even close. One is a complete solution for MM. The link you referenced is simply a management pack to monitor the solution.

  4. makram says:

    Nice, so we pay Microsoft for OpsMgr license, and pay a 3rd party for features that are lacking in OpsMgr 🙂

  5. Binoy Das says:

    I am getting the below error:

    ***Error**** A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated. (Exception from HRESULT: 0×80070520)

    Binoy Das

  6. Martin says:

    One conspiracy reason for Microsoft not to implement this is to push Orchestrator (which is free in the same SC bundle package), but for what I’ve tried, goin that path using Orchestrator to schedule things in SCOM is a pain in the @$$.

  7. Daniel R says:

    I’ll just make my own webservice. All needed libraries are scom folder, same powershell module uses.

  8. Wachor says:

    I have problems with the “Scheduled Maintenance SCOM 2012” tool, I explain:

    – “GROUP” maintenance is functioning correctly.
    – “Computer” maintenance is not functional.
      (By entering the machine name or CSV import)

    Have you encountered this problem.

    Info: on the SCOM console everything is functional.

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