How to use Snippets in VSAE to write LOTS of workflows, quickly!

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  1. HectorMarcia says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I wonder if you could assist with direction on how to submit what appears to be a bug in current snippet template or perhaps you have the solution.

    I’ve created a snippet template to create groups based on AD Organizational Units. When I attempt to import .csv file with info the template takes the first comma of the OU’s DN as a separate field even when the entire DN is enclosed in double quotes. so bottom
    line the template does not read the double quotes as an attempt to enclose a field.

    Any feedback is fully appreciated!!

    template code below:







  2. HectorMarcia says:

    Outstanding!!! I guess the sky is the limit with snippets since every workflow fragment can be turned into a snippet template?

    Thanks Kevin

  3. Anonymous says:

    I had a request from a customer recently, for an updated version of the WINS Management pack. Microsoft

  4. Jose Fehse says:

    Kevin, your timing couldn’t be better. So glad you are back. That was exactly what I needed yesterday for a customer POC.

    Jose Fehse

  5. Sebastian says:

    Great ! I should have known this 6 months ago, we had project with about 150 similar Rules.

  6. SCOMGustavo says:

    Thanks a lot for this useful information Kevin, your blog is fantastic. In general I miss more info about VSAE in Internet so I would like to suggest you more post about this.

    From my side I’m going to add a couple of articles in my blog with some examples of how to create a "PowerShell Rule Alert" and a "PowerShell Scheduled Execution Script Rule".

  7. Karthick Kesavan says:


    it is awsome man 🙂

  8. dilip says:

    You are the savior. This is what I need at the customer site for converting thousands of special sensors into SCOM Monitors, Rules ETC.

  9. rob1974 says:

    Is there a way to save the snippet itself, so you can re-use the snippet in other projects easily? There’s a snippet manager in VS, but that doesn’t seem to allow importing mp-snippets.

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