Creating Groups of Computers based on Time Zone

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  1. heresjaken says:

    Nice post very detailed.
    Thanks kivin

  2. Anthony says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Great article as usual. I am looking to do exactly what you describe in "Management pack Boogaloo". I want to add ONLY Health Service Watcher objects to a group but it doesn’t seem to work when using a property from my custom class (I am using an instance group
    btw). I have a registry discovery that returns instances (of my custom class) but when I try and filter on it and add the related HSW to the group, the group is empty. Any ideas? I’m new to authoring but it feels like there’s a disconnect between my custom
    instances and their related HSW objects.


  3. Richard says:


    This works fine if you are in the US and all of your servers are in the US. But we have servers all over the world, and for say servers in Sydney, the ActiveTimeBias is 0xfffffda8 (4294966696). I guess we would need some sort of script to convert these numbers
    after getting them from the registry. How does Service Manager handle cases like this?


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