Orchestrator Runbook Designer – always open “As Administrator”


A little frustration I had recently – and decided I would write on it.


When you open the Orchestrator Runbook designer, remember to always open this “As an Administrator”



The reason for this, is that as you are using the Runbook Tester tool, these test runbooks will be executing under your interactive context.  This makes some runbook activities (like starting and stopping services) require elevation.  You will see errors like “Invalid Service” or no error information at all – the activity will simply fail.  You wont always see a tip that there is an access denied issue or something to tell you this activity requires elevation.


You can set this to always run as an admin under the advanced properties of your shortcut on the machine you use the designer most.


Comments (1)

  1. Frank says:

    Once again another Kevin Holman article stops me from pulling out hair. Thanks for taking the time on this and all other blogs I can say that you have personally saved me days of troubleshooting.

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