MP Update: Printer MP 6.0.7004.0 adds support for WS2012 and WS2008R2




I previously wrote about the older MP and some challenges and workarounds here:


This new MP update fixes the discovery so that print services will be monitored correctly on Windows Server 2008 R2, in addition to adding support for Windows Server 2012.  If you were using my addendum management pack – you can delete that when you upgrade to this version.


What’s in the MP?

  • Contains class definitions.
  • 4 classes
  • 2 discoveries
  • 2 groups

  • Discovers and monitors the 2008 and 2008R2 Print servers
  • 73 monitors
  • 37 Rules
  • 3 discoveries
  • 3 classes
  • 45 Overrides
  • 1 Group
  • 2 Tasks

Seeing this many overrides in a sealed MP was alarming, at first.  The reason for this – is that there is a difference in the Event Log source between Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2.  Therefore – they duplicated each monitor where applicable, and then disabled the 2008 one for 2008R2 computers, and enabled the (disabled by default) duplicated monitors for 2008R2.  A fairly simple approach that should work… and hopefully not complain about missing event sources.

  • Discovers and monitors the 2012 Print Server role
  • 49 monitors
  • 17 Rules
  • 3 discoveries
  • 3 classes
  • 1 Group
  • 2 Tasks

  • Discovers and Monitors the 2003 Print Server Role.
  • I don't recommend importing this MP into SCOM 2012.  This MP still leverages the backwards compatible MP because this MP is a conversion MP from MOM 2005.
  • 1 Monitor (spooler service)
  • 22 Rules
  • 2 Discoveries
  • 4 Classes
  • 1 Group
  • 4 Tasks
  • 1 Report


The monitoring views are nice and clean:




We can see the health of all our Print Servers, and their corresponding Printers (Queues)






The majority of monitors in this MP are 2-state event log monitors.  There are 2 service monitors, and 3 performance monitors.  Very straightforward.

The MP guide is straightforward as well, and includes a list of all the rules and monitors.



My only advice – is that if you have LARGE print servers with several hundred print queues, the instance count of monitored devices on those agents might be very large, so keep in mind two things.  1.  You might need to watch the memory utilization of the Healthservice and/or MonitoringHost and make sure your agent doesn't start bouncing due to going over the 300MB default threshold.  2.  You might consider disabling this perf collection for the print queues, unless you desire it for reports.  On large print servers, this can result in a large amount of performance data being collected.

And added feature to consider – is to add a recovery to your Print Spooler service.  This will automatically start the print spooler in the case of a service outage/crash.  A simple recovery is documented here:  Alternatively – use Service Control Manager to set recovery actions for your spooler services.




Looks like a nice, clean MP.  Simple, monitors for the most critical situations, and targets the right data.  Presentation is good as well.

Comments (7)

  1. Kevin Holman says:

    @Karl –

    I don't see status as a class property of the Print Queue.  Only name, path, displayname, Attributes, Caption, DeviceID, PortName, Shared, Share Name, Spool Enabled, Path, Version.

    Attributes is the only thing I am not sure on – it is a numeric and I am not sure what that value means.

  2. Karl Ecström says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I'm just wondering about the printer status. In an earlier version of the MP this was discovered as a property. This gave us a lot of config churn since printers were low on paper from time to time. Is this removed in this MP or is it still a property of the "Printer" object?



  3. Hector Hernandez says:

    Hey Kevin;

    I don't see any mention of the failover print clsuters in 2008/2012. Is there support for them on it?



  4. David says:

    Hey Kevin, I'm having issues updating the (Windows Server Print Server 2003 Management Pack 6.0.7004.0 ) Import failed System.Drawing.Bitmap

    Import Status Details:

    Windows Server Print Server 2003 Management Pack could not be imported.

    If any management packs in the Import list are dependent on this management pack, the installation of the dependent management packs will fail.

    The requested management pack was invalid. See inner exception for details.

    Parameter name: managementPack


    Do you have any idea why this happen ?

    I'm in SCOM 2007 R2 CU5 and I'm going to be updating next week to CU7

  5. Andrew Curtis says:

    Hi Kevin, as always, great work.

    Like Hector above I agree the 2008 MP does not support discovery of print q's on failover clusters. Specifically the 'Print Services 2008 Printer Queue Discovery' has this line in the config:

    Set objSet = GetObject("winmgmts:\" & TargetComputer & "").InstancesOf("Win32_Printer")

    This WMI query will only return printer Q's for the OS of the cluster node, not the printers of the Cluster Resource that is the failover print server.

    a correct WMI for a cluster would be:

    Select * from Win32_PerfFormattedData_Spooler_PrintQueue

    This returns the majority of the properties returned by the existing WMI query, but is cluster valid.

    IS there an update in the pipleline, has anyone addressed this elsewhere, or should I build my own variant for clustered print Q's?


    Andrew Curtis

  6. Sergey Malyshev says:

    Hi, Kelvin.
    I’m trying to find print server mp for 2003 server – do you have it?
    or maybe anyone know were I can find it?
    (Version 6.0.7294 of the Management Pack for Windows Print Server supports Print Clusters. Removed “” since we have dropped support for Windows server 2003.)

  7. Kevin Holman says:

    @Sergey –

    Shoot me an email direct to requesting what you are looking for and I will see what I can do

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