OpsMgr: MP Update – IIS8 monitoring pack 7.0.8862.0 for Windows Server 2012


The first MP for IIS8 has shipped:



This MP only ships with an updated library, and the monitoring MP for IIS8.  No previous versions are included, but this can work right along side those.

The MP ships with 12 classes:


26 unit monitors, 129 rules.  No new views are added – this works with the other IIS MP’s where you will view all discovered websites, app pools, etc, together.  However, you can create unique views to separate monitoring by version if needed.

The structure if the MP is just like the previous IIS MP’s for IIS 7.5, 7, and 6, so there is no great learning curve here.

Discovery runs and we immediately start discovering the sites, app pools, IIS roles, and deploy monitoring to them:




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