Windows Server 2012: Red dashboard right after install? Run BPA

Windows Server 2012 Server Manager has a dashboard view for all your servers you connect in Server Manager:




This dashboard shows all your connected servers, and their roles.  It also will display a red color if any of them have outstanding alerts.  In the above graphic – you can see that I have issues with “Manageability”.  You can click “Manageability” which is a hyperlink and brings up:




I can see the issue is, that BPA results are unavailable.  This is because I haven't run a BPA scan yet.  We can run a BPA scan via the UI, or PowerShell.

In the UI – select a server or role, and scroll down to Best Practices Analyzer.  Choose Tasks, and start BPA Scan.




To do the same thing in PowerShell, see:

Open a PowerShell prompt as an Administrator.  Run “Get-BPAModel|Invoke-BPAModel” 



Note:  This may throw a ton of errors as it tries to inspect the BPA model for roles and features that are not present on this server.


Once this completes, and we refresh Server Manager, I can see I still have issues, however, they are no longer about the BPA not being run under Manageability, they have shifted to issues with BPA results, and my Hyper-V role shows healthy:




Now – we can go into the BPA results, and determine if we want to correct each, or ignore.  I am going to exclude the results of the Filer Services not being installed:





Voila!  Healthy Dashboard:



Comments (5)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thx for the info. But now the next problem comes up.  I could not add the remotefx adapter for the virtual machine.  What could be the reason ? Any hints or another dirty tricks to et it to work ?

  2. marco_shaw says:

    Oh, I meant:

    2. get-bpamodel | get-bparesult | set-bparesult -exlclude $true

  3. marco_shaw says:

    I think the complete PowerShell solution might look like:

    1. get-bpamodel | invoke-bpamodel

    2. get-bpamodel | get-bparesult | set-bparesult -exlclude $false

    I could test and tweak some more to stop any annoying errors, but not right now…

  4. Maddy says:

    Very helpful

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