Security in Operations Manager – some perspectives and typical customer scenarios

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  1. Does this still also apply to OpsMgr 2012?

  2. dilip says:

    Rights and configurations for scoping consoles for operators – I had it working but now I see all instead of selected Views? Not sure what I should check.


  3. Vince says:

    Can you add some details on how to go about SCOM reports if we wanted to be granular with their rights?

  4. Amir Magdi says:

    Hi Kevin

    I been using Action account that is local admin in the management servers and the monitored servers for long time, recently I replaced the SCOM Management servers action account with a new service account which is admin on the management servers only.
    Now when I am trying to monitor new servers and in the discovery wizard choose “other user account” and I enter the old action account which is local admin on all monitored servers and the new servers to monitor, the discovery fail.
    Is there is anyway to overcome this issue ?

    1. Kevin Holman says:

      Sure. Make that account a member of your SCOM admins group.

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