WS2012: Managing previous versions of Windows with Server Manager

  With the new Server Manager that shipped with Windows Server 2012, and Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8, you can manage previous versions of the Server operating system, such was Windows 2003, 2008, and 2008R2.  Some of the functionality will be limited, however, as these operating systems don’t support all the new features…


OpsMgr Windows Server 2012 Management Packs

  I wanted to put together a list of all recently released MP’s which surround the Windows Server 2012 Operating System release, and the roles and feature MP’s that support it.   I’ll update this as new MP’s release.  Last updated 5/30/2013   Management Pack Download Link Active Directory AD Certificate Services (ADCS)…


OpsMgr MP Update: Lync Server 2010 MP version 4.0.7577.203

  Download:   Changes in This Update Version 4.0.7577.203 of the Lync Server 2010 Management Pack includes the following changes: Added functionality to support co-existence of management packs during migration from Lync Server 2010 to Lync Server 2013. For more information, see Coexistence with Lync Server 2013 Management Packs in the guide. Fixed an…


MP Update: Printer MP 6.0.7004.0 adds support for WS2012 and WS2008R2

  Download:   I previously wrote about the older MP and some challenges and workarounds here:   This new MP update fixes the discovery so that print services will be monitored correctly on Windows Server 2008 R2, in addition to adding support for Windows Server 2012.  If you were using my addendum…


Monitoring ConfigMgr 2012 with OpsMgr

  As with almost all Microsoft products, there is an MP to monitor ConfigMgr 2012.  This MP is such a divergence from the previous ConfigMgr 2007 MP, I wanted to take a moment and point out the differences.   Not a conversion MP! The previous ConfigMgr 2007 MP was actually a conversion MP from MOM…


OpsMgr: Infrastructure Planning and Design guide released for OpsMgr 2012

  Download it here:   This guide outlines the infrastructure design elements that are crucial to a successful implementation of Operations Manager. It guides you through the process of designing components, layout, and connectivity in a logical, sequential order. You’ll find easy-to-follow steps on identification and design of the required management groups, helping you…


Getting started with Service Manager? Take SCSM 101:

  One of the most popular blog posts I have here, is a document that I didn’t even write.  Microsoft PFE Antoni Hanus wrote an article a while back called Operations Manager 101:   Well, Antoni is back with his brand new invention:  a 101 online guide for Service Manager 2012.   He does…


OpsMgr 2012: Activate an expired eval deployment

PFE Emre Guclu has written a good step-by-step of how to use the new functionality in UR2 and later, and recover an expired eval deployment:


OpsMgr: Public release of the Alert Update Connector

  The Alert Update Connector for SCOM 2012 is now public:   The AUC was a tool that many large enterprises used in OpsMgr 2007, where they integrated OpsMgr alerts with an upstream alert system, ticketing, or incident management system.  It helped (tremendously) to offer the following solutions: Create the ability to insert specialized…


OpsMgr: MP Update – IIS8 monitoring pack 7.0.8862.0 for Windows Server 2012

  The first MP for IIS8 has shipped:   This MP only ships with an updated library, and the monitoring MP for IIS8.  No previous versions are included, but this can work right along side those. The MP ships with 12 classes: 26 unit monitors, 129 rules.  No new views are added – this…


OpsMgr – Authoring performance collection rules for cluster disks – the *right* way.

  I recently wrote about the Windows Server Operating System Management pack version 6.0.6989.0 HERE.  In the “known issues” section of that article – I discussed that the MP is solid – except there are no performance collection rules for cluster disks, such as latency, or free space, to leverage in your reports.  We now…


OpsMgr: MP Update: New Base OS MP 6.0.6989.0 Adds support for monitoring Windows Server 2012 OS and fixes some previous issues.

  A new Base OS MP Version 6.0.6989.0 has shipped.  This management pack includes updated MP’s for Windows 2000 through Windows 2008R2 operating systems, and additionally adds new support for Windows Server 2012 OS.  This new MP will import into OpsMgr 2007 or 2012 management groups.   Lets talk for a minute about…


OpsMgr 2012: SharePoint 2010 MP updated for SCOM 2012

          Just a quick update for OpsMgr 2012 users – this MP contains a new discovery script that works with the newer version of OpsMgr.


OpsMgr MP Update: SQL MP version ships

  This MP is not showing up on the MP Catalog just yet, however the MP catalog does take you to the latest version of the MP. Get it at:   This is a simple update, per the guide it only fixes a bug in the SQL DB file free space monitors.  Previously in…


Integrating VMM 2012 and OpsMgr 2012

  If you want to monitor your System Center Virtual Machine Manager installation, you don’t just import VMM management packs like you would for other applications.  There is a process to connect VMM 2012 to OpsMgr 2012. This is covered here:   The primary reasons to integrate are to use the process to import…


OpsMgr 2012: Update Rollup 2 ships, and my experience installing it

  Originally I had not planned an update article on this, but I have been getting a lot of questions on it, so lets just throw one out there.   Cumulative Update Rollup 2 (UR2) for OpsMgr 2012 has shipped.  This, like other CU’s or Update Rollups, is *Cumulative*.  This means that you can apply…


OU, Logical Processor, Physical Processor, and other class properties are not discovered with OpsMgr 2012 on Windows Server 2003

You may notice on your Windows Server 2003 servers monitored with OpsMgr 2012, that some class properties on Windows Computer instances are not discovered.  Organizational Unit, IP Address, Logical Processor, Physical Processor, etc.     Windows Server 2003 machines need a hotfix for this to work, due to some changes that were apparently made to…


OpsMgr: MP Update: Exchange 2010 SP2 MP version 14.02.0247.005 ( actual mp version) is released

  ****Note has been pulled.  If you implemented this already, please see         Version 14.02.0247.005 ( MP version) of the Exchange 2010 MP has been updated.  This is the SP2 compatible version of the MP that many have been expecting. Available here:   What’s new?  From the guide:  …


OpsMgr: MP Update: New Base OS MP 6.0.6972.0 Adds new cluster disks, changes free space monitoring, other fixes

There is a new Base OS MP version 6.0.6972.0 available here:   Be very careful updating to this new version – there are multiple changes and potential issues you should plan for and test with, that might impact your existing environments.  I will discuss them below.   I previously wrote about the last MP…


Some of the beta Private Cloud exams from MMS are scored and available

Many took the beta exams at MMS 2012 this year, for the Private Cloud certifications.   The two tests that most took were Exam 70-246:  Monitoring and Operating a Private Cloud with System Center 2012 and Exam 70-247: Configuring and Deploying a Private Cloud with System Center 2012   If you took these…