OpsMgr 2012: Override enhancements

A new change in OM 2012 is how overrides are handled from the console.  In the past – if you ever got an alert, decided you wanted to disable that rule, you could NOT just choose to “disable” the rule from the context menu.  The reason being, is that this would have placed your override in the Default Management Pack.  This is bad, as it is a best practice not to save anything to your Default MP.


In OpsMgr 2012, you can now use this menu option.  What happens, is you will now be prompted to choose a Management Pack to save your overrides to.  In the below example, I am disabling a monitor for SQL Server Service Pack Compliance:




Note what now happens.  OpsMgr automatically creates an override to disable the monitor – but we now are *forced* to choose a Management Pack to save the override to.  We will no longer automatically, or accidentally save them to the default MP.





This will greatly help keep the Default MP from getting overrides placed there accidentally, and make it easier to use the “Disable” function to quickly tune a MP to your requirements.

Comments (2)

  1. SCOMcat says:

    Excellent!  We should be able to manage things directly from the console views.  Looking forward to more with 2012.

  2. Sumit Srivastava says:

    HI..it was really useful.Thanks

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