OpsMgr 2012: Introducing the new Web Console



The Web Console has been completely rewritten for OpsMgr 2012.  It now runs on Silverlight, which enables a much richer Web Console user experience. 


From the web console, like using the regular Console UI, we can:


  • View alerts and health states of objects.
  • Work with alerts, close, change resolution states, assign or take ownership
  • Add comments to alert history
  • Show instance properties and run Health Explorer
  • Access to Product and Company knowledge
  • Execute agent tasks
  • Start and stop maintenance mode
  • Use existing My Workspace views
  • Create Dashboard views
  • Run Favorite reports


The OpsMgr 2012 console:




The 2012 Web Console showing the same view:



Comments (1)

  1. ian_pick says:

    Hi Kevin do you know if Connected Management Groups will be visible via the Web Console in 2012?  We have a number of MGs that feed into our primary group presently to view the remote alerts we need to use the fat console.  A related question if you don't mind – can the console now be set to always show the remote alerts or do we still have to click each time?



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